Ati Tribe of Boracay

We travel--whether for work, pleasure, to escape and for many other reasons. In our journey, we stumble on people, objects and places that make a significant dent in our hearts.

We cannot turn a blind eye to some truths and realities around us. These are the compelling reasons that drive me to speak out my mind and heart.

However, I do not intend to be a self-righteous and know-it-all travel blogger. I do not intend to preach and be opinionated or go into a full discourse. Rather, it is my intention to barely touch on the issue just enough to tickle a reader's mind and soul and have him/her have a second look--in the hope that he/she would "think about it" and construct his/her own point of view.

With this, THE PINOY EXPLORER will be slowly evolving to tackle issues that matter to me, to the culture, culture, environment, people, and society.

Over the years this blog had not touched a lot of issues, but this list (links) would be a good start to know what I believe in.

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