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One of the unique qualities about Filipinos is their penchant for eating-- any time of the day. One can have 3-full meals and still have some snacks in between. The justification? In this tropical country, especially during summer months, one needs to be filled to last the day.

I, myself, love to eat (though in moderation), and I always try to find something quaint in my dining or binge-ing exercises. Occasionally, I feature some stories about food--but not necessarily unique--but something that catches my fancy.

Basco's Casa Napoli
Oh! My Gulay: The finer art of dining
Can't get over with poqui-poqui of Vigan
Photowalking Quiapo, Binondo, Intramuros, Rajah Sulayman and cheap food thrills
"Jollibee" in Kuching City
No-frills dining at Bacolod City's Old Pala-pala
Judy Ann's crispy pata
Seaside dining in Talisayan
I ate love letters in Sarawak
Bohol's famed calamay
Bohol's bahalina
Delightful Sebastian's mango ice cream
Gastronomic feast at Azalea's 'Tradisyon'

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