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Ada Lajara | http://www.adaphobic.com/
Amor magno | http://byahengdabawenya.com/
Christian Sangoyo | http://www.lakadpilipinas.com/
Dennis Dolojan | http://www.lovemindanao.com/
Jeffrey Rilles | http://www.morionworld.blogspot.com/
Nathalie Penados | http://www.mywanderingsoles.com/
Robx Bautista | http://www.thetravellingdork.com/ | Twitter: @thecreativedork
Roniel Magtoto Macatol | http://eatinghalfway.blogspot.com/

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Albino Christopher Chua | http://wanderme.wordpress.com/
Aleah Phils | http://solitarywanderer.com/ | Twitter: @AleahPhils
Anciro C. Romana | http://www.thebackpackman.com/
Andros 'Andie' Novido | http://theviewingdeck.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @andoyzki
Angel Juarez | http://lakwatsero.com/ | Twitter: @theLakwatsero
Anton Diaz | http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/ | Twitter: @antondiaz
Benj Espina | http://visitsagada.com/
Bonzenti Panganiban | http://www.contourblog.com/| Twitter: @Bonzenti
Brenna Bustamante | http://philippinetravelogue.com/ | Twitter: @biyachessa
CA de Ramos | http://adventurousfeet.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @adventurousfeet
Claire Algarme | http://firsttimetravels.com/ | Twitter: @firsttimetravel
Claire Raborar | http://www.lakwatseradeprimera.com/ | Twitter: @Thelakwatsera
Cris Reyes | http://pinaythrillseeker.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @pnaythrillseekr
Doi Domasian | http://thetravellingfeet.com/ | Twitter: @travelling_feet
Dylan Chan | http://wanderingdylan.com/ | Twitter: @wanderingdylan
Earl E. Bolivar | http://www.suroypilipinas.com/
Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap | http://eazytraveler.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @eazytraveler
Ferdz Decena | http://ironwulf.net/ | Twitter: @ferdzdecena
Francis Balgos | http://pala-lagaw.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @AngPalaLagaw
Franc Ramon | http://francramon.com/ | Twitter: @franckxethee
Gael Hilotin | http://thepinaysolobackpacker.com/ | Twitter: @pinaybackpacker
Gay Mitra-Emami | http://pinaytraveljunkie.com/ | Twitter: @nomadwifey
George Govan | http://wherethetravels.com/ | Twitter: @wherethetravels
Izah Morales | http://tripadora.com/ | Twitter: @tripadora & @izahmorales
Jeffrey Jacob Ponce | http://jeffponce.blogspot.com/
Jerome Baluyut | http://www.balintataw.org/ | Twitter: @supertikoy13
Joann Fuertes | http://www.chasingplacesbyjoann.org/
Joanna Jane Liwag | http://thebackpackchronicles.com
Joel Balance Catimbang | http://balance31.blogspot.com/
Jojo Ayson | http://lakwatsero.me/ | Twitter: @lakwatsero
Kara Santos | http://travelingup.wordpress.com/
Kevin Franciz | http://kevinthetravelboy.blogspot.com// | Twitter: @kevin_franciz
Krizz Monicit | http://batangbiyahera.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @talanyx11
Lili Ram | http://marilil.wordpress.com/ & http://mytb.org/liliram | Twitter: @mamu97
Lilliane Cobiao | http://www.wanderlass.com/ | Twitter: @wanderlass
Loraine Gallevo | http://adventureaccounting.blogspot.com/
Marinelle de Leon | http://pasahera.com/ | Twitter: @pasahera
Mhe-anne Ojeda | http://mheanneojeda.blogspot.com/
Nikka and Owen | http://www.two2travel.com/ | Twitter: @Two_2_Travel 
Pinoy Adventurista | http://pinoyadventurista.com/ | Twitter: @adventuristaako
Ruby Batallones | http://antsybee.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @rubybatallones
Suzette Cuerpo | http://globetrottinglife.blogspot.com/
Violy Vallester | http://vivisrandomramblings.blogspot.com | Twitter: @vivallester

Other Travel Resources

Inside Southeast Asia | http://insidesoutheastasia.com/
Happy Philippines | http://www.happyphilippines.org/
Dream Holidays Guide | http://www.dreamholidaysguide.com/

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

thanks sa link... i'll add u din sa list ko... :)

Ding | Explored! said...

@Pinoy Adventurista, Salamat!

Sarls said...

Thanks for the link. I'll also add you in the blogs I follow.

Ding | Explored! said...

You are welcome Sarls!

kara santos said...

Wow. Complete list! :) Will add you up on my blog roll as well :) My twitter is @travelingup :D

Ding | Explored! said...

You are welcome, Kara! Thanks!

Renevic | Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalag. said...

Hello Ding, thank you for posting this. I think we have the complete and updated list as of 24July edited by Doi =) can see in our group =) Cheers!

renevic amago said...

hello sir ding =)

Pa-update po, new domain =)

Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalag.

Renevic Amago

Twitter: @RenevicAmago

Salamat sir! =)

Ding said...

Thanks for the update, Renevic!

melvin said...

hi,pa add naman ako dito www.virgoitinerary.com

The Pinoy Explorer said...

Hi Melvin, done. Thanks!

Simurgh said...

Hi Ding! Add mo naman ako..

Francis Balgos


Ding Fuellos | The Pinoy Explorer said...

Hi Francis! Done! Thanks!

pimalai said...

Amazing waterfall shot. Thanks for the links as well. Those should help make planning my upcoming vacation that much easier.

Irvin Cg said...

I add you in my blog list and also sign in to google friend connect in you blog.. hope you will link me too.. thank you..! www.talksaboutjaden.com

Ding said...

Thank you jaden!

Joann Fuertes said...

Pa-add naman po ako: www.chasingplacesbyjoann.org :)

DingF | The Pinoy Explorer said...

Ok. JOann! Thanks for the link too!

Anonymous said...

Pa-add din ako... Gracias!

paodaolei said...

Can you also add me here? ^_^


Thank you thank you!

iAn said...

Hi Sir,

Hope you'll add me to your list. Thanks


Jeff Valle said...

Please add me www.imjeffvalle.com
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Thank you and more power!

keti said...

Take the time to visit the me http://whistory.org/index.php/category/explorers/ and say that the change in design and meniu?