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Ada Lajara | http://www.adaphobic.com/
Amor magno | http://byahengdabawenya.com/
Christian Sangoyo | http://www.lakadpilipinas.com/
Dennis Dolojan | http://www.lovemindanao.com/
Jeffrey Rilles | http://www.morionworld.blogspot.com/
Nathalie Penados | http://www.mywanderingsoles.com/
Robx Bautista | http://www.thetravellingdork.com/ | Twitter: @thecreativedork
Roniel Magtoto Macatol | http://eatinghalfway.blogspot.com/

PTB Blogs I Follow and have Link Exchange

Albino Christopher Chua | http://wanderme.wordpress.com/
Aleah Phils | http://solitarywanderer.com/ | Twitter: @AleahPhils
Anciro C. Romana | http://www.thebackpackman.com/
Andros 'Andie' Novido | http://theviewingdeck.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @andoyzki
Angel Juarez | http://lakwatsero.com/ | Twitter: @theLakwatsero
Anton Diaz | http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/ | Twitter: @antondiaz
Benj Espina | http://visitsagada.com/
Bonzenti Panganiban | http://www.contourblog.com/| Twitter: @Bonzenti
Brenna Bustamante | http://philippinetravelogue.com/ | Twitter: @biyachessa
CA de Ramos | http://adventurousfeet.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @adventurousfeet
Claire Algarme | http://firsttimetravels.com/ | Twitter: @firsttimetravel
Claire Raborar | http://www.lakwatseradeprimera.com/ | Twitter: @Thelakwatsera
Cris Reyes | http://pinaythrillseeker.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @pnaythrillseekr
Doi Domasian | http://thetravellingfeet.com/ | Twitter: @travelling_feet
Dylan Chan | http://wanderingdylan.com/ | Twitter: @wanderingdylan
Earl E. Bolivar | http://www.suroypilipinas.com/
Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap | http://eazytraveler.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @eazytraveler
Ferdz Decena | http://ironwulf.net/ | Twitter: @ferdzdecena
Francis Balgos | http://pala-lagaw.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @AngPalaLagaw
Franc Ramon | http://francramon.com/ | Twitter: @franckxethee
Gael Hilotin | http://thepinaysolobackpacker.com/ | Twitter: @pinaybackpacker
Gay Mitra-Emami | http://pinaytraveljunkie.com/ | Twitter: @nomadwifey
George Govan | http://wherethetravels.com/ | Twitter: @wherethetravels
Izah Morales | http://tripadora.com/ | Twitter: @tripadora & @izahmorales
Jeffrey Jacob Ponce | http://jeffponce.blogspot.com/
Jerome Baluyut | http://www.balintataw.org/ | Twitter: @supertikoy13
Joann Fuertes | http://www.chasingplacesbyjoann.org/
Joanna Jane Liwag | http://thebackpackchronicles.com
Joel Balance Catimbang | http://balance31.blogspot.com/
Jojo Ayson | http://lakwatsero.me/ | Twitter: @lakwatsero
Kara Santos | http://travelingup.wordpress.com/
Kevin Franciz | http://kevinthetravelboy.blogspot.com// | Twitter: @kevin_franciz
Krizz Monicit | http://batangbiyahera.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @talanyx11
Lili Ram | http://marilil.wordpress.com/ & http://mytb.org/liliram | Twitter: @mamu97
Lilliane Cobiao | http://www.wanderlass.com/ | Twitter: @wanderlass
Loraine Gallevo | http://adventureaccounting.blogspot.com/
Marinelle de Leon | http://pasahera.com/ | Twitter: @pasahera
Mhe-anne Ojeda | http://mheanneojeda.blogspot.com/
Nikka and Owen | http://www.two2travel.com/ | Twitter: @Two_2_Travel 
Pinoy Adventurista | http://pinoyadventurista.com/ | Twitter: @adventuristaako
Ruby Batallones | http://antsybee.blogspot.com/ | Twitter: @rubybatallones
Suzette Cuerpo | http://globetrottinglife.blogspot.com/
Violy Vallester | http://vivisrandomramblings.blogspot.com | Twitter: @vivallester

Other Travel Resources

Inside Southeast Asia | http://insidesoutheastasia.com/
Happy Philippines | http://www.happyphilippines.org/
Dream Holidays Guide | http://www.dreamholidaysguide.com/

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

thanks sa link... i'll add u din sa list ko... :)

Admin/Author said...

@Pinoy Adventurista, Salamat!

Charles said...

Thanks for the link. I'll also add you in the blogs I follow.

Admin/Author said...

You are welcome Sarls!

kara santos said...

Wow. Complete list! :) Will add you up on my blog roll as well :) My twitter is @travelingup :D

Admin/Author said...

You are welcome, Kara! Thanks!

Renevic | Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalag. said...

Hello Ding, thank you for posting this. I think we have the complete and updated list as of 24July edited by Doi =) can see in our group =) Cheers!

renevic amago said...

hello sir ding =)

Pa-update po, new domain =)

Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalag.

Renevic Amago

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Salamat sir! =)

Admin/Author said...

Thanks for the update, Renevic!

Unknown said...

hi,pa add naman ako dito www.virgoitinerary.com

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fbalgos said...

Hi Ding! Add mo naman ako..

Francis Balgos


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pimalai said...

Amazing waterfall shot. Thanks for the links as well. Those should help make planning my upcoming vacation that much easier.

Unknown said...

I add you in my blog list and also sign in to google friend connect in you blog.. hope you will link me too.. thank you..! www.talksaboutjaden.com

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Thank you jaden!

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Pa-add naman po ako: www.chasingplacesbyjoann.org :)

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