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This map provides the explored places by The Pinoy Explorer. Feel free to browse!

How to use this map?
  1. Use the arrows (upper left corner) to position the map to the location you want to see, or, you can click and drag your mouse for easier navigation.
  2. Use + and - buttons to enlarge or minimize the map.
  3. Click on the markers (blue), and a pop-up dialogue box will appear. There are related stories attached to each location. Please note that some of the marked locations have not been fully linked to the stories yet. Please feel free to come back for updates on links.
  4. You may also view tha map in a different page (see hyperlink below the image).
  5. Please note also that depending on the speed of your internet connection, the map may not completely appear.  
Blue markers with a dot are storied.
Blue Markers without a dot are part of a story or will be blogged soon.
Green markers are personal travels done in the past.

Thank you!

(This is still under construction)

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Zenith In Heart said...

OMG! Wish to travel this much also :) Di pa ako naka apak ng Mindanao pala :)

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Leda. In due time, makakalibot ka rin.