The following is the series of article per location. This page will guide you look for the articles you might want to read.  This page will be updated as soon as there are new articles that will be posted in the home page, so feel free to come back for updates. 


  1. Eureka! | Jolibee in Kuching City
  2. What do Malaysia and the Philippines have something in common?
  3. Sneak Preview | The houses of Sarawak
  4. Throwback: Afternoon stroll at Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers
  5. I ate love letters in Sarawak


  1. Part 1: Singapore in Photos
  2. Part 2: Singapore in Photos


  1. A Dalit village called Kattehole
  2. A prelude to Chitradurga Fort
  3. Chitradurga Fort's formidable defense system
  4. 14 Photography interests in Chitradurga Fort
  5. Bangalore-Chitradurga route | Images and reflections
  6. The road to Hassan
  7. Jainism and the naked Bahubali monolith of Dharmasthala
  8. Inside the temple heritage town of Dharmasthala
  9. Vintage elephant chariots of Dharmasthala
  10. One quiet morning at Malpe beach
  11. An elephant blessing in Udupi
  12. Visiting Sri Krishna Matha of Udupi
  13. Photowalking Coorg
  14. A glimpse of downtown Coorg
  15. Namdroling Monastery of Bylakuppe
  16. Fascinating Mysore Palace


  1. Incomparable Manohara Hotel
  2. Candi Prambanan Quickie
  3. Jalan Malioboro: Day and Night
  4. Witnessing a glorious sunrise at Candi Borobudur
  5. Dieng Panorama
  6. Arjuna Temples: Greatness in being small
  7. Treading "dangerously" on Sikidang Craters

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