5 Must-visit Islands in Croatia on a Cruise

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With thousands of islands along the pure coast of Croatia that stretches to more than 2,000 kilometers, it sure can be a daunting task to pick the best ones. After all, there is something unique and special about each of those Croatian islands. Those beautiful and unspoiled islands are very easy to assess, and all one needs to do is book one of those splendid Croatia cruises that will take along the Adriatic coastline.

The wide and varied islands of Croatia are famous for their culture, history, nightlife, and of course, swimming and relaxing in the Croatian water that is beautiful, clear, and deep blue. Here are some of the Croatian islands that are must explore during your cruising vacation.

Hvar island- a playground for the rich and famous

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The first view of the amazing Hvar island will mesmerize you as you look at those million-dollar superyachts making a striking contrast in the deep blue waters. Still, any average traveler can arrive here and explore the bounties of the resort town. Apart from enjoying incredible seafood, and great nightlife, you can take a boat tour to the Blue cave and snorkel and swim in some gorgeous locations.

Brijuni islands – A collection of fourteen islands

It is a must to visit and explore Brijuni islands that are very easy to reach because of their close proximity and frequent boat service. These small groups of islands vary in size and are famous for being how to a national park and the Ulysses Theatre. Take a guided tour to the safari park and enjoy an extraordinary mix of cultural and historical heritage plus the natural beauty.

Susak Island- The small island with yellow dust

What makes Susak unique is the yellow dust, and the most experienced seamen agree that there is none other like Susak in the whole Mediterranean. What has kept the island off the touristic radars is that it is not easy to reach the Susak island that is practically deserted and has only miles of dusty paths. Still, it is a must to explore this mystical island and feel the warm, soft dust. Discover the island and its private shores and beaches.

Mljet island- The secluded island with untouched greenery

Mljet island is a national park and is filled with pine forests and secluded coves. This is why it is preferred by those looking for a quiet and peaceful escape. Spend a laid-back afternoon, relaxing or swimming in one of the greenest isles on the Dalmatian Coast. Visit the incredibly beautiful salt lakes on the island and the Benedictine monastery. There is no denying that Mljet is one of the most seductive and carries an air of tranquility that never fails to captivate the visitors.

Rab island- The island with a proud heritage

Image by urbaneszti0 from Pixabay
Rab island is an easy ferry ride away and is nestled in the Kvarner Bay. Tourists love coming here because of the picturesque city, fresh seafood, and enjoy the tranquility of life at a slower pace. Explore the stunning and untouched beaches of the island as well as learn about the unassuming homeland’s heritage of the region, that the locals are proud of. Do not miss the chance to indulge in cured meats, Pag cheese, and of course, the Croatian wine.

Many more islands could be added to the above list, such as Cres, island, Karnati island, Karcula island, Lostovo island, Ziorin island, Pag island, Vis island, Dugi Otok island, LoĊĦinj island, Silba island, and more. However, you can make a good start by visiting those listed above when cruising Croatia.

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