Thai Airways and Black Tie Services, the Ultimate Meet and Greet

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Thai Airways is always looking for partnerships that reflect and complement their own exacting standards. Their sole intent is to improve and enhance their valued customers travel experience, whilst ensuring safety and comfort. All Thai Airways passengers can be sure that, from searching for a great holiday to the arrivals lounge and beyond, they are committed to delivering the very best service in the industry.

With this in mind, Thai Airways has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Black Tie Services. They are yet another prestige company, offering exemplary service with a company pledge to be the very best in their field. Mirroring Thai Airways’ own commitment to customer satisfaction makes them another ideal partner.

What is Black Tie Services?

Operating from four countries in Asia, Black Tie Services are the premier VIP concierge service in Thailand. Having opened their Bangkok office in 2014, they have won the Luxury Lifestyle Award for the best luxury concierge service, and have grown in stature to be recognized as the leader in their field. It is this preeminence that makes them the perfect partner for Thai Airways.

What Are the Services That Black Tie Offer?

Black Tie Services operate a complete service covering corporate and VIP events and travel. The very best concierge, meet and greet and limousine transfers, planned and customized to meet each client’s most exacting needs. It is the meet and greet and limousine service that they offer in which Thai Airways has entered into its partnership.

How do Thai Airways Use the Black Tie Service?

All Thai Airways passengers can now book the Black Tie Service. After a long flight, perhaps to a strange airport, and having collected their baggage, travelers then face what is often a daunting task. Laden down, not sure where to go and with the crowds of people, the traveler can begin to feel frustrated and exasperated. Then there is the unenviable task of securing their onward travel, where’s the bus, the taxis? And there are hundreds of travelers all trying to do the same thing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Having pre-booked the Black Tie Service, Thai Airways passengers will be met at arrivals by one of the company’s professional representatives, who is then at your service. You won’t be wasting time looking for which way to go, they know the airport. Assisting you with your luggage they will soon navigate you through the chaotic hustle and bustle of the arrivals hall straight to your chosen vehicle for your onward transfer.

Black Tie Service professionals know the airport and can assist you with any queries you may have, as well as having knowledge of the city. Their knowledge, courteous and helpful manner is one of the things that sets them apart from other services, a perfect complement to Thai Airways.

Can Black Tie Service Accommodate a Family or Larger Party?

Traveling alone or with a partner, the traveler may wish to book a Toyota Camry limousine. This luxury saloon can take up to four people in supreme comfort. For families or larger parties, the option is the luxuriously appointed Toyota Alphard eight-seater. In its class, there is no equal on the road.

All of Back Tie Service’s vehicles are impeccably turned out and are meticulously maintained to ensure passenger safety and comfort. Their drivers are of an unquestionable standard and execute their duties with diligence and care, this mirrors Thai Airways own belief in customer care.

At the end of a flight, all passengers have the same burning desire, to get to their destination. From the arrival hall and onwards can often be fraught, certainly an unwelcome end to an enjoyable or relaxing flight. However, all Thai Airways customers can alleviate this problem simply by taking advantage of the Black Tie Service offered through Thai Airways.

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