Kuala Lumpur Foodie guide

Exploring Kuala Lumpur is like entering a maze of wonderful sights and attractions. The capital city of Malaysia lures hundreds and thousands of tourists every year because of its myriad of natural attractions. The city boasts of gleaming skyscrapers and numerous landmarks like Petronas Twin Towers and Batu Caves. Apart from those iconic attractions, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city is the food here.

It is a must to sample as much of the local cuisine where ever you go and treat your palette to different flavors you come across at every corner. Browse Withlocals tours in Kuala Lumpur for some great holiday package deals, where you can benefit from a well-planned holiday. Everything is taken cared of and all you need to do is sit back and relax. You are introduced to the best foodie spots around the city.

Here are some great foods and delicious options to check out while you are in the city.

For the best street food
There is fantastic food available in those hidden backstreets of the city. You can sample some of the best cuisines at the following spots in this diverse city.
  • Jalan Alor is most famous for street food streets in the city, and you will find some of the most delicious chicken wings and chili crab here.
  • Pudu Wai Sek Kai is best known for authentic local Chinese Malaysian food, and it is a must to try out the legendary chee cheong char kuay teow, rojak, and more.
  • Kampung Baru is a favorite section for the foodies, and here you can get the best local Malay food. You can try out different restaurants and enjoy some fantastic nasi campur and the great ikan bakar.

Little India and Chinatown
Tour the colorful markets of Little India and Chinatown, and here you will come across several family-run restaurants serving authentic Indian and Chinese food. Try those different types of fragrant Indian curries and snacks. When you wander in the lively main street of Chinatown, you must try those different Chinese noodles and the famous Loh Shu Fan.

Most popular restaurants
One will come across some impressive restaurants that serve a well-curated menu with a plethora of different cuisines.
  • Botakliquor – Enjoy some drinks in this popular bistro, which is the most popular bar in Kuala Lumpur because of the botanical setting and with lots of greenery around.
  • Medan Ikan Bakar – This is indeed one of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur if looking for Malay style seafood and tasty grilled fish
  • Coffee Amo - This is a very popular cafe in Chinatown, and it is easy to locate because of its centralized location. Enjoy great coffee with 3D coffee art with your friends.
  • RA Nasi Lemak – RA Nasi Lemak makes for an excellent choice if looking for the best Nasi lemak, a top dish of the Malaysia food. Enjoy a delicious meal here.
  • Troika Sky Dining complex – now you can dine with a great view and at one of the most popular dining restaurants and bars is the Troika Sky Dining complex. Enjoy epic views over the city as you tickle your taste buds with a vast range of tapas and unique cocktails, shelled crab, ceviche and the churros.
Your Local Food Bucket List
Before you embark on a food tour, you must know what to try out when you experience the local food culture. Some of the must-try dishes include laksa, the spicy noodle soup with chicken, prawn or fish. Another must eat is the fragrant rice dish of nasi lemak and banana fritters and pisang goreng. Ice chendol is a popular sweet treat and you can’t leave Malaysia without trying pulled tea or teh tarik.

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