Kiangan homestay with a view

It is out of the ordinary that I blog about a hotel, lodging house or even a homestay--unless they catch my fancy. Whenever I feature them, I give good reviews that usually arise from an extraordinary experience. Please note, that I am not paid for this post.

Kiangan Homestay with a view

In a far-flung municipality like Kiangan in the province of Ifugao, Philippines, one can rarely find a comfortable place to stay, either for business or leisure. I tried to look for a place to stay in Kiangan, and I found only three (3) homestays listed on Google map. But when the local contact recommended Viewpoint Homestay, all I needed was to trust them--as they always say: trust the locals. I was only looking for a comfy bed and a clean bathroom. I was expecting less when we got to Kiangan.

I even had to convince myself to lower my expectations. Once we arrived at the homestay before sundown, it became one of those moments when awe strikes me. Upon seeing its location, I got more than what I wanted!

Kiangan Homestay with a view

I could feel the dopamine rush from my brain through my nerves and veins. No words can express what you feel upon seeing this beauty right before my eyes.

I have nothing but good words about this homestay. Located at the fringes of the Kiangan Poblacion, the bedrooms and bathrooms are basically clean and offers peace and comfort after a tiring day at field work or adventure.

Kiangan Homestay with a view

Kiangan Homestay with a view

The biggest catch of this homestay is its excellent location where you could endlessly stare at the panoramic mountains and the valley below where Ifugao capital town of Lagawe is located. Sunsets and sunrises are the best times to witness its full glory.

It simply awakens your senses and mesmerizes your whole being that all you wanted to do is just want to loaf around the whole day staring at the ever-changing clouds and wait for the sunset or sunrise.

With only P600 (less than $12) a day, you have paid for yourself a good bed, good breakfast, and a great view! With the unspoiled beauty of the historic town of Kiangan, the place is just awesome!

Kiangan Homestay with a view

This place is called Viewpoint Homestay and owned and managed by Tuwali Terraces Tours and Services. The property is owned by the former Vice Mayor of Kiangan who has already migrated to the US with his family. It is managed by a family member.

Kiangan Homestay with a view

Kiangan has a lot to offer other than this beautiful homestay. Stay tuned to The Pinoy Explorer for more stories about Kiangan.

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Gazle Padua said...

Hi, Great place for a home stay, do you have an itinerary on how to get there from Manila? How much do you think will it cost us for 2 Persons all in all? (accommodation,food, transportation,) for 3-4 days.What activities does the place offers?

Traveling Morion said...

Gusto ko yung may pabaso effect hehehe

The Pinoy Explorer said...

@Traveling Morion that is freshly brewed pure arabica!