SURIGAO DEL SUR | Refreshing Libuacan Cold Spring

On the way to Davao from a work-related trip, we decided to drop by the Libuacan Cold Spring. We   followed a directional sign for "Tagbina Eco Park" and drove through the dirt road that leads to Libuacan Cold Spring. It is just five minutes drive from the highway, this roadside wonder in the town of Tagbina in the province of Surigao del Sur, is a must-visit destination for both locals and intrepid backpackers.

Libuacan Cold Spring

This rustic and unspoiled beauty offers serene and refreshing break from the humdrum of city living. Had it not for a minimal development it is almost virginal and pristine.

Libuacan Cold Spring

The spring is less famous compared to the nearby Enchanted River of Hinatuan, but this is equally awesome. With its cool and crystal clear water, shady surroundings, and bucolic beauty, it simply offers fun and relaxation.

Libuacan Cold Spring

The place is not very known to many travelers.  For locals, this is a weekend destination or simply a place where they celebrate a special occasions. Visiting this spring on a weekday would prove better because there are less people.

The place does not have much amenities like restrooms and shower areas so be prepared for a real spartan traveling.

Libuacan Cold Spring

On this note, just seeing this natural wonder lifts the spirit. How much more if I have actually dipped and waded in its crystal clear water? I just hope that there would be no further development in this tourist destination so it will not suffer from the ill-effects of commercialization. This is, foremost, a gift to Surigaonons and the Philippines that must be protected. I just hope the local government can enforce rules and regulations so it will not be too much exploited.

More photos at Libuacan Cold Spring in Flickr!

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