Arjuna Temples: Greatness in being small

By the sheer size of Candi Prambanan and Candi Borobudur, the Arjuna Complex looks quite unimpressive. The complex is but a small group of Hindu temples neatly laid out on a square lot. But this temple complex is not to be belittled and still worth the stop in this part of Central Java. These small group of seemingly odd-looking separate structures are the oldest temples in Java which were believed to be constructed around 809 AD, thus, boasts of its historical significance.

It was told they hold the "template", so to say, in building temples in Central Java. It was here where Hinduism unfolds and sets foot as a religion in this part of the globe.

Not only does it offer quite historical and cultural significance but also is located on a plateau where one can enjoy chilly weather especially in the afternoons, compels a traveler to just enjoy the "isolation" and quiescence.

Unlike Prambanan and Borobudur which can have thousands of visitors in a day, Candi Arjuna visitors are insignificant, which make it more enjoyable to just appreciate the raw beauty it offers.  This temple complex is just perfect to chill around, for loafing and just enjoy watching occasional visitors taking their photos, exploring the grounds, or spend a few hours of meditation and prayer.

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