Incomparable Manohara Hotel

There can never be a more pleasant way to relish and appreciate Borobudur temple than to spend a night or two at the Manohara Hotel. The hotel holds the exclusive and unrestrained daytime access to the Borobudur complex and is the perfect place to wait for the sunrise tour that the hotel affords to its guests.

While researching online about the Borobudur sunrise experience, I came across the website of Manohara hotel that hosts the sunrise tour. Staying in this hotel would be less hassle, I thought. If you are staying in the hotel outside the complex, it would mean that you have to wake up at the wee hours of the morning or when you are coming from Yogyakarta, it would have to start traveling at 2 AM to catch the 4 AM call time. This also means you have to arrange a shuttle service or take the bus to Borobudur or join the tour that you can arrange with your hotel. If you are not lucky enough to wake up after midnight, then you lose the opportunity.

Staying in a hotel beside the 9th-century Buddhist Borobudur temple, was simply one for the books and really a good decision on my part. Making a quick decision to book right away through their website was the best thing you can do when there were only three rooms left in this 35-room resort hotel. At the time, getting a room seemed like winning the lottery! I could not wait for the day of my stay at the hotel, and explore Borobudur temple!

As soon as I stepped into the lobby, I was already smitten. It does not only bespeak luxury and comfort but also offers its guests the opportunity to immerse in Javanese culture.

A chilled lemon grass tea as refreshment, an old man playing faint Javanese music with his gender barung, and a cold towel while they prepared my room truly reflected Javanese hospitality.

One thing was noticeable— everything was done in a very mild, gentle and tranquil manner—almost in slow motion—that a few minutes already meant like hours of stay. Even when I blurted while finding our way to my appointed room, “I am already loving this! This is bliss!” I only received a smile from the concierge guy and a short “Thank you, sir.” It was not overly done. It was not over-acting and bereft of unnecessary cordiality. It was just plain, simple and “just enough”—that kind of unobtrusive atmosphere in your quest for a serene ‘me-time’. I hope you got me there.

Its well-appointed airy rooms are really remarkable. It’s lanai that leads to the garden and the greenery was very bidding. The big and comfortable bed undoubtedly gave me that tranquil night enough for me to rejuvenate from an exhausting week and be raring to explore the temple grounds the next day.


For the story on Sunrise Experience, read Witnessing a glorious sunrise at Candi Borobudur.
Coming soon: My day-tour of Borobudur complex.

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