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Having been disappointed for not being able to swim in Marofinas because of the call of duty, add to it the tired and aching muscles, I thought that at 5PM I deserved a break, so I finally gave in--to Sabang. The beach was not as spectacular compared to Marofinas. However, the lure of the sea was calling me.

In no time, I plunged and spent some time riding with the warm waves that were just right to ease my muscle pain.

Then sunset came. It was not a raree-show as well because of what was a looming rain that never happened. Great spectacle or not, I am grateful for what nature had to offer, and just make do with the pale hues the sunset could give.

Discover Sabang beach

Actually, I did not easily give in whether to photograph or just swim the sunset away. Later, just like in the many travels I have made, I did not know if I would come back to this place again soon. The next thing that happened was I found myself dashing to my rented hut for the night to get my camera, and began taking images of the sea, clouds and the setting sun soon after. I had some frames to my delight before the battery went kaput. I wanted to get the other camera but I thought I had to reserve it the next day.

Discover Sabang beach

Discover Sabang beach

It was a restful night, then morning came. The relaxing sound of the waves crashing on the shore was a new stimulus to senses that made me think I was on a holiday, but not. I had to get up and find out what the sunrise in Sabang had in store for me.

Mornings at any beach never fails to give me a different high. I had inexplicable thoughts and feelings that day. Perhaps it was a short break I needed for the longest time. Just a few days before this trip, I spent some 10 days in India, for yet another kind of work.

Discover Sabang beach

Discover Sabang beach

Discover Sabang beach

The tides rhythmically joined my heart's beating making me become one with nature. The salty morning air enveloped my whole being. The best part of it all was the mist rising from the sea and the mountains beyond. It was simply one spectacular morning taking me into a dream world. I wasted no time in capturing the images as they unfold before in my lenses.

I am blessed to have a work that takes me to places--both familiar and roads less traveled. This trip was special because I got to do what I wanted to do--accomplish work and the teeny-weeny pleasure that comes with it.

No matter how pale the sunset was, how imperfect the beach was, how modest my room for the night was, and how little borrowed time I had, but this day was just awesome to not discover what makes you happy--it was the experience of drawing peace within that mattered after all.

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