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Around 30-minute boat ride from Sabang, Puerto Princesa we headed to Marofinas for documenting the harvesting of wild honey. From afar I could see the wide caramel-colored beach. Needless to say, I was easily captivated.

The beach was unpretentious with its emerald water and fine sand. Its rustic beauty beckons and never fails to awaken the senses that makes one want to hanker for forever.

However, there is one thing that makes this physical beauty more pleasing to the eyes--the Tagbanua people that reside in this modest barangay [village]. The Tagbanua live a very simple life. They may be living trying to make both ends meet but they always welcome visitors with open arms. Their incomparable hospitality makes it easy for us blend and accomplish our work.

Marofinas Bay

Marofinas Bay

It is regrettable though that no matter how I wanted to take a dip in the sea, I was not on a holiday. I came here for WORK. I had my time, too when we were done documenting the honey gathering. In fact, I had my board shorts under my hiking pants. However, I was told there is a strong undertow. The sea is deep and has a drop not too far from the beach that also explains the strong current.

Be that as it may, I made myself contented with photographing the beautiful landscape, the people, and everything beautiful around it.

Not all Filipinos are blessed with bountiful and beautiful nature as this bay. We say the Tagbanuas are lucky to have this right in their backyard, but to them, it seems ordinary. Indeed, one's notion of riches or poverty is always relative.

Marofinas Bay

Marofinas Bay

Marofinas Bay

Marofinas Bay

From the grapevine: Locals say there used to be a beach resort here but the couple who own this have already separated and their property is now for sale. They also told me that some Tagbanua families used to own a big parcel of the resort, but they sold it to the couple. The Tagbanuas now regret their past deed. The property is now worth much more than how much they have sold it for.

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