KLM: Take full control of your trip with your mobile

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Gone were the days when you have to lose a half day's work just to buy an airline ticket. Back then, it was just too cumbersome taking a trip to the airline ticketing center, travel offices or spend more time calling customer representatives to get the flight details, that sometimes ends up with some clerical errors on your name or worse, your flight details.

I have experienced this when airline ticketing was still in its Jurassic era. In my conversation with the customer service representative, I remembered it so well that I booked for a Friday afternoon flight, but upon picking up my printed ticket from the airline office, I learned that I had a Saturday flight, instead. It was just too much a hassle have my ticket changed again for this simple miscommunication between me and the customer service representative.

I am glad that we are now in the digital era and quite relieved that airlines operating in and out of the Philippines are now online that allows you to have your ticket booked instantly -- at your fingertips.

Also, with social networking still on the rise and continue to control our lives, we sometimes overlook that fact that mobile communication devices right before us and right in our hands, are now more powerful and can make our lives a lot easier.

As part of their campaign, KLM recently "launched a crowd-sourcing challenge in Asia, in which it asked video creative to communicate the wide variety of mobile and online services it offers. KLM received many creative and out-of-the-box ideas. The contestants didn't only deliver these ideas, they actually made the videos themselves. This resulted in some very funny videos, all communicating that one important message: with KLM, you can take full control of your trip with your mobile."


When you are flying from Asia to any part of the world, learn more about KLM destinations and the KLM online services.

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