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In the tradition of sharing my most read travel stories that started in 2012, I bring to you, again, the most read (if not loved) posts in The Pinoy Explorer in 2013.

This, however, is not limited to posts made in 2013. Rather, this is a compilation of stories that made an impact on the readers. Expectedly, old posts would occupy the top spot, but it is not always the case. Six (6) articles from 2012's Top 10 popular travel stories were "dropped" this year, and replaced by equally interesting travel stories.

What are the Top 10 Travel stories in The Pinoy Explorer? Read on.

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1. The ugly truth about the Paradise Island of Boracay remains on the top list since it was published on February 23, 2013. This is a proof that The Pinoy Explorer readers are not callous to the over-development of the Island of Boracay, and perhaps the exploitation of the pristine environment, as well as the plight of the indigenous peoples--be it in Boracay or not. I consider this the most influential post I have made since I started "advocacy-filled" travel stories after the issue on SM Baguio and my brief sojourn in the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, which shares the limelight as 2nd and 3rd most read, respectively.

I hope, this post is not forgotten in the passing of time. If you care about the Ati community in Boracay, please do share this post and educate more people about their plight. You may also like their FB page provided in the article.

2. 10 ways to appreciate and enjoy Baguio City sans the SM City-Baguio now occupies the second from its third spot last year. This story simply says that there is more than the usual fare that any mall can offer. Literally, it encourages everyone to go out, stop, and smell the flowers. It is Baguio, for Heaven's sake. Go away from the malls! Baguio City outdoors can never be boring. Trust me.

3. Exploring the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was already popular when it was published but it did not get the numbers to make it to the Top 10. Out of nowhere, this post jumps to the 3rd most popular. Based on the searches and inquiries, perhaps, this was a topic in the class where many graduating engineering students would like to visit. As I mentioned in this blog, getting in here is like Discovery Channel experience.

4. Lang-ay Festival of Mountain Province is one of the best and authentic festivals I have witnessed. There were no fancy costumes and played up and borrowed music and choreography--just the real thing. I wish to see this again in the future. This did not make it to the top 10 last year but it jumps to the fourth position this year.

5. When "It's More Fun in the Philippines" clicks, and when it doesn't use to be on top of the list last year. Nonetheless, gives the reader an idea what it takes for the Philippines to truly live with the expectations of the buzz meme. After two years that this campaign was launched, is it really "more fun in the Philippines?"

6. Religious pilgrimage sites and Visita Iglesia in the Philippines is another "new entry" to the top 10. It is a collaboration among several travel bloggers who shared their articles and photos to make this travel story come true. This is not a complete compilation of the pilgrimage sites, but nonetheless, informative for the believers on what place to visit this coming Holy Week.

7. Revisiting Barangay Calima is not your usual travel story about any usual travel destination. My visit here was work-related. I have been here twice. In the first visit, I did not have much time to photograph or move around. This time, I thought I should give it a shot. Residents of Brgy. Calima were just ecstatic seeing their "unknown" barangay being featured here. Who would not? Social networking shares here and their made it clinch the 7th spot. They say there is a nice falls farther out there. I hope I have the third time to visit it.

8. Bohol: Heart of the Philippine Islands used to be on the second spot, but I think this post will bring it back to its former glory after Bohol has been declared safe and open to local and foreign tourists after the earthquake. Why not? It still has nice beaches and historical "ruins" site, and most of the most amiable people in the Philippines! Go, visit Bohol!

9. PTB Blog Carnival | The Visayas roundup is another list for those who are raring to see more of the Visayas. After the typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ravaged the region, there may be less attractive for now. But based on this interactive map, one can still enjoy the Visayas. Support their tourism industry. Visit the Visayas!

View Visayas Roundup in a larger map

10. Ticao Island | Mangrove Walk at Bongsanglay Mangrove Natural Park is a story about one of my best travels so far. I got to volunteer to document the flora and fauna of the Bongsanglay Mangrove Natural Park, and I got to enjoy the pristine nature, and most especially, I became "grounded" again in development work after communing with fisherfolks. This is not your usual travel destination, but it is all worth exploring it! Now, I am excited to see the 2014 calendar that PFEC has published--that features some of my photos.

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