Visiting Sri Krishna Matha of Udupi

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Sri Krishna matha

When I thought it was just another day at a temple, I was proven wrong. I thought I have had enough of Hindu temples and structures. I never imagined I was in for a treat.

Sri Krishna Matha of Udupi is more colorful than the temples I have visited earlier in Chitradurga, Dharmasthala, and Bahubali monolith.

Sri Krishna Matha - Udupi
Brass sculptures of Sri Krishna

Here, I had my elephant blessing! Remember, I was wondering how an elephant chariot looks like when they are paraded around town during the Paryaya festival? Then, I got to see how the huge and jaw-dropping elephant chariots come alive with all their colorful embellishments. Although I have not witnessed the Paryaya that was held last January 18, 2012, and will be held again after two years, that means in 2014, it was still a delightful experience seeing those elephant chariots come alive, though sans the elephants and pilgrims pulling them. Be that as it may, it was just an awesome piece of Hindi faith and culture to behold!

Sri Krishna Matha - Udupi
The adorned elephant chariot

Just like any temple, Sri Krishna Matha in Udupi is a thriving "walled city". It is complete with amenities like lodging for pilgrims, stores selling basic necessities and objects of faith and worship. As a remembrance from this trip, I bought myself a tiny brass elephant. It was well carved and I now I realize I should have bought a larger piece, instead. But I was saving my Rupees for some silk scarves in Mysore and cotton kurta in Bangalore. No regrets though. At least I bought a memento for this trip.

Sri Krishna Matha - Udupi

We only had a little less than an hour to roam around, take photos, and buy some stuff before we would proceed to Mangalore for the last educational trip of the day.

In this short jaunt, there were two things that simply struck me: the elephant chariots in their full glory and the golden chariot which one can only see by peeping through a room secured with a grilled fence that even photographing it would be difficult. Good thing, I had a smaller camera and I was able to see through a bit.

Sri Krishna Matha - Udupi
The golden chariot secured behind grills.

Overall, this side trip capped the eventful day around Udupi.

For more photos of Sri Krishna, please visit:  Sri Krishna Matha in Flickr.

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