Connecting to work and loved ones while on the road

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When traveling, whether on official business or personal trips, it is always my practice to inform work and my loved ones if I have reached my destination if I am safe and they do not need to worry.

Communicating, for me is very important, especially if there are important client calls I have to make or just getting in touch at home. That is why I always carry with me my cellular phone, my work netbook, and my iPad. While we have monthly communication allowance, it is limited, especially when you need spend your call and text credits to client calls. While it would be okay to spend more on text or call credits, it is an instinct to save it for emergencies when you are far from the city where there is no internet connection.

When I went to Malaysia some years back, I found it hard to communicate while on the road. Texting home would cost me more than half a US dollar. While I could use web calls and webcam, it was still limited to PC-to-PC calls,. Although it had a call feature, you will be charged based on collect-call international rates. That would be just so costly. Face-to-face web calls can sometimes be too limiting, especially when you are not in your hotel room and somewhere in a restaurant and you need to reply right away.

Save for the new technology because communicating is better than 3-4 years ago, especially when you are on a travel abroad. We now have smartphones that can work like our netbooks and telephone at the same time. One just needs to download some apps that you can use for international calling, PC to phone calls, international texting and another free calling app that you can use in your phone, laptop or tablets if you have an internet connection through WiFi.

Whatever web application you are using, here are five (5) pointers one can follow while traveling. In general, always inform your loved ones or your colleagues, and take note of these:

  1. That your flight or your trip will push through, especially if the weather is not good. You would not want your loved ones or your colleagues to worry about your safety;
  2. When you are settled in your hotel. Yes, you are already grown up but your call will make your mother feel at ease. This would also make your boss feel relieved especially when you are going to conflict-affected areas, like me.
  3. When you are going on trekking or going away from the city, and that they need not worry if they will not receive a text or call from you because there might not be a strong cellular connection;
  4. Related to number 3, make it a point to inform that you are back to the city in the comfort of your hotel room;
  5. When you are extending travel, so as not to make your loved ones worry that you are not home at the day or time of your arrival. This would also be true when you are stranded, experiencing flight delays or cancellation.

Happy traveling!

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