Worry-free airport parking

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Birmingham Airport - multi-storey car park
Multi-story carpark in Birmingham. Photo by Elliot Brown. Used under the Creative Commons. 

Preparing for your travel, either for a business for pleasure can be quite stressful. Going to the airport to catch your flight can also be that challenging. Waiting for cabs to bring you to the airport would also take a while, especially when you are located at the suburbs where taxi cabs come in trickles unless you have a reliable on-call cab company that will bring you to your destination.

For a car-less traveler like me, I rely on taxi cabs, or sometimes, the company car to ferry me to the airport. As a solution to this, I have already a steady contact of at least 1 taxi cab that I usually contact a day before my travel. This gives me peace of mind that I can reach the airport before the check-in counters close.

This would not be a problem if you have a car that you can use if you leave at 2 o'clock in the morning to catch your early morning flight. Parking near airports would allow you to travel and worry not about your car if it is parked in the airport parking for one or two days.

In Metro Manila, this can be quite a problem in the past years. Save for the airport authorities that allow overnight parking already with a minimal fee of P50.00 or a little more than a dollar. However, the parking spaces available at the airports are open, and your car can be exposed to the elements, especially true during monsoon season.

Nonetheless, there are already private car parking companies operating and offering secured parking near the airport. This comes with a chauffeured airport transfer services to from the airport terminal. This hassle-free parking service in the Philippines is relatively new. In fact, one car parking building can only accommodate 200 cars at a time. This is way below the standards of other international car parking that can be found abroad. In Houston, for example, there are available 31,000 airport parking spaces near the Houston airport.

Airport parking in Birmingham is worry-free as you can book online and choose your car parking slot. Parking is available for a short and medium stay at best deal prices. The 4 multi-layered parking buildings are even located to the airport that you can walk your way to the terminal. If you are a bit in a hurry going to the Birmingham airport, it also offers a “meet-and-greet” parking where you drive into the airport terminal and a carpark chauffer will wait, and will drive and park the car for you. How is that for a hassle free parking?

And here’s wishing that the Philippines would have these kinds of airport parking free available soon!

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