Goa, a place like no other

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Located in West India, the state of Goa offers some of the most unique and awe-inspiring experiences that can be found in the region. This strange and beautiful place was once held under the rule of the Portuguese and kept for 450 years before its annexation. Because of this, Goa exhibits a distinctive and fascinating cultural background; something that a keen globetrotter can get swallowed up by with a smile. Its feel is something that just cannot be found in the rest of India--its odd quirks and strange sights take more than just one trip to soak up, and can never be forgotten.

There is a reason holidays in Goa are so desirable, it is, among other things, a biodiversity hotspot.”. Some have even compared the scope of this natural treasure-trove to the Amazon basin itself. The place is studded with countless coconut trees, which guarantee that every other photo will carry the vibe of a classic picture-postcard. With over 50 beaches to be found in east and west Goa, any traveller will be hard-pressed to resist the temptation of grabbing their swim-gear and setting out into those shimmering waters.

Those with a keen eye might pick out examples of Indian, Islamic and Portuguese style buildings as they scoot through the streets in search of their next unique experience. If you want a trip into the past - a taste of what was - the world of Old Goa will gladly provide. The churches and convents here are marked as world heritage sights, which should be enough to convince you that they're worth a close look.

It's hard to pick which of these should be on the top of my list. The St. Catejan Church, a replica of St. Peter's in Rome, is enough to make you wonder if you really are in India at all. If your tastes in the sights are a little stonier, check out the ruins around the church of St. Augustine. For those who still feel unsatisfied, and crave the more impressive, don't miss the Bom Jesus Basilica, which holds the remains of a local celebrity, St. Francis Xavier. If you want a peek at the man himself, I have to let you in on a secret; you might have to wait a couple of years.

For a final showcase, I should clue you in on the Fontainhas as a whole. This place has been named as the cultural quarter; a fine and fancy display of the very best that can be seen, felt, smelt and tasted. Their art, music, dance and food are likely to stick in your mind. This is Goa, a place like no other.

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