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Although across the continent there are a variety of different approaches to casino gambling Asia has some of the best casinos in the world. In fact, Macau boasts the world’s largest casino hotel complex and is Asia’s answer to Las Vegas, while in Hong Kong casinos are banned. As you might anticipate, every weekend Macau is flooded by visitors from Hong Kong who are intent on some live casino action.

Without a doubt, the most important casino to visit on your trip through Asia is the Macao Venetian Casino and Hotel. This isn’t only the largest casino in the world, when it was constructed it was one of the world’s three largest buildings in terms of floor area. But what is really important is the huge casino area with four separately themed gaming areas designated by evocative Chinese names such as Red Dragon and Phoenix. There is a central canal that runs through the complex complete with gondolas and bridges which create a mini Venice. It resembles the Venetian in Las Vegas but on an even grander scale. This is a major attraction for the high rollers from Hong Kong and China.

On the other side of the continent, in fact, on its south-east edge, you will find Singapore. There are many reasons to visit this 63 island state, but the first of these is its food and the second is the Marina Bay Sands, which must be one of the most impressive casino-hotel complexes ever built. To some extent it has been influenced by the Venetian in Las Vegas that there is a canal that runs through its center and although the gaming areas are smaller you can still bet half a million dollars on the spin of a roulette wheel, but the best part is the infinite vanishing edge swimming pool housed in a sky park that is built on the roof. Definitely, something you won't find at an online casino, even though the selection of games is the same.

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Traveling Morion said...

Ayun Oh! $$$ hehehe

Admin/Author said...

Jeffrey, paminsan-minsan lang...hehe.

Micole said...

My visit to macau last year was one of the most memorable trips. It is truly the Las Vegas of Asia! The Venitian just takes you to venice without leaving Asia. Wonderful photo sir ding.