Anniversary Post - Part 1 | Celebrating 4 years of travel blogging

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4 years

While you are reading this, I am somewhere, monitoring a social enterprise of the indigenous peoples of Palawan. It is part of a job I am blessed with. Yes, my job brings me to different places, familiar or not. Oftentimes, however, I would have to remind myself every time I travel officially that it is not the journey that counts--it is always the destination that matters. This is not an anathema and contradiction to Ralph Waldo Emerson. With my work, it is just the way it is.

I go to places for a reason--mainly to pull off the almost (but not) cliche: "helping people help themselves." The side stories, which I happen to write about are just a by-product of my right brain in my attempt to take a relief from the humdrum of the technical part of it. Some of the adventures are just stolen moments after the official duties have been performed--may it be a dip in the pool, a walk in the beach, or a stroll in the park.

Many of my past entries, too, are personal travels--near or far. It has always been great spending some time alone or with the company of friends and family somewhere--while forgetting about work at least for a few days.

Whether personal or official, traveling is spiritually rewarding. It gives one the advantage of taking some steps away to have a better perspective on doing things. A brief sojourn somewhere in a Baguio City park or a short visit and immersion in an Iraya community gives one the freedom to relish work, to recharge, and of course to revel about the borrowed "me-time".

Though I have been blogging since 2007, it is in 2009 that I began The Pinoy Explorer--an evolution of its predecessor: Explored!  It has also gone through several facelifts and redesign. It's focus swerved from topic to another until it was recalibrated to what it is now, almost like a battle cry--culture, adventure, and nature.

Four years have passed since then. The number of years, too, ramify into infinite lessons--many of them I have taken by heart. Some of them were shrugged off. Some, still, are yet to be chewed over before they can be swallowed.

Writing about my travels has no special reason other than to share. Some people might think I am a brag. It is not something to parade about. I just write hoping that someone would read my stories on the joys of traveling.

Setting aside wanting for the most sought-after fame and celebrity status, blogging becomes just an afterglow of the pleasant experience of traveling. I am already at peace and comfortable with who I have become and what I have been doing. It is not something to be famous of, but more of discovering people and places--famous or not.

My motto: Just blog and don't brag.

With all the triumphs, failures and imperfections of this blog, I am, nonetheless, celebrating its 4 years of existence in the world wide web. Cliche as it may sound, but this blog still exists in the digital sphere because there are still readers and clicks on this site--and one of them is you!

For all these years of sharing with me the joys of traveling, maraming salamat!

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Aside from my day job, I love photography and storytelling. Going places--be it a cliche destination or the far side of the road--stoke and free my soul. I dig deeper into the people’s psyche, culture and ethnicity, and heritage. I love to observe how they thrive and build social institutions, preserve their culture and traditions.


Edmar Guquib said...

Way to go! Congratulations! Pa-kape, hehe...

Bonzenti | Con Tour Blog said...

Padayon kaibigan sa iyong pag blog. ganyan din ang ginagawa ko. Like doc Remo. I dont bother the rank of my blog, the traffic (low or high), earning or not, as long as I continue doing what passion dictates me to do. Its a fulfillment on my part if after on official travel, I could visit a place as a sidetrip and blog about it.

PAdayon Bai!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Edmar! sige pakakapehin kita when I go to Vigan. LOL!

Admin/Author said...

BOnz, exactly. It must start from the heart. Cheers!

Aleah | said...

Happy 4 years, Ding! Halos magka-edad lang pala blogs natin. Mine will turn 4 in September. Love your line: Just blog and not brag. Very true! ;)

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Aleah.

ronielmacatol said...

Congratulations again Kuya Ding, thanks for the inspiration. You have always indirectly encouraged me to continue doing what I loved doing. And thanks for letting me know about PTB. Now, I am ready to read your lessons from travel blogging. Yebah!

Micole l Philippine Traveler said...

Congratulations Ding! Truly a life of an explorer of his mother land is an unexpected joy ride! I enjoy your travel blogs, it makes me feel as if I am really there! More years to come sir!

lakwatserong tsinelas said...

inspiring post sir! "just blog dont brag" - i love this line! more years to come! - one of your avid readers

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Micole!

Admin/Author said...

@lakwatesrong tsinelas, I am glad I have inspired another soul. Thanks!

Lifeisacelebration said...

I've always enjoyed your blogs. Apart from good storytelling and stunning photography, i am now able to put my finger to its more defining feature...... It's blogging to share, not to brag. Keep blogging, Ding!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Tita Lili!