A sunset surprise at Dumaluan Beach

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The sun barely peeped through the clouds the entire morning and it almost permanently hid the whole afternoon. It was "beach day" and it would have been a perfect day just to explore around and enjoy the sun.  Be that as it may, I just made most of the day by lounging around and photographing children playing in the ankle-deep water.

Also, we were scheduled to go to another beach that day since the beach where we stayed was not suited for swimming. It had that different appeal though, which deserves another blog post soon.
Around 3PM, we headed to the public beach in Dumaluan. The moment I stepped out into the beach I instantly fell in love with it. Inevitably, I thought it is better compared to the more popular Alona Beach. It has longer and wider beach, a shallower and calmer water, no touts, no market-like atmosphere. The sea was calm that afternoon despite the gloomy weather and rain looming on the horizon.

Dumaluan Beach

It was a chilly afternoon at 3 pm but we enjoyed dipping in the water, nonetheless, while watching young Koreans and other Filipino tourists and locals having the grand time of their life doing fun beach games from afar.

Later, I saw the hint of light coming from the West. The colors were drab, but I thought it was good enough for some silhouettes. So I ran for my camera. Several trial shots here and there and, unexpectedly, the horizon was suddenly bursting with warm colors. The skies eventually opened up to give way to a beautiful sunset. Not wasting any time, I chased where the colors come from—reaching for a better vista of the horizon—and I think I succeeded in capturing that elusive sunset.

Dumaluan Beach

Am I happy with it?

I have not yet captured the perfect sunset. The one from Dumaluan was almost elusive. Without or without sunset, it is not about me being able to capture the sunset--but being with my loved ones enjoying a lazy stroll along the beach. It was down time away from the cares of the day, from work, a break from the monotony and humdrum of city living—and just enjoying each other’s company sharing crisp cackles and almost endless conversations.

Dumaluan Beach

More photos after the JUMP!

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Anonymous said...

Sarap ng buhay mo bro!

Anonymous said...

Ganda! I wish I could visit this one day.

The Pinoy Explorer said...

Thank you for your comments!


I miss Panglao! wish I could visit the place again :)

ps: lovely lovely photos!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Shugah!

Bonzenti | Con Tour Blog said...

beautiful photos indeed. I like most the one with a lifeguard post, a hut. natakpan lang yong isang magandang view sa sky bro.:-).

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Bonz!

Two2Travel said...

Agree on Dumaluan being way better than Alona on every aspect. Nice sunset photos! ~nikka

Admin/Author said...

That is true, Nikka. I think I have found my vacay spot in Bohol. Thanks!

Micole l Philippine Traveler said...

I have been Here! true! the beach is wider minus all the noise and infrastructure. Its just like a true Beach just the sand and water!