Guest Post | Spend your Christmas abroad in places that are safe and fun

Christmas abroad is the fevered dream of all who wish to have a magical and exciting Christmas season. The only problem is that finding the right place can be difficult. Over one billion people speak Mandarin, but they are extremely localized into one area of the planet. There are two Mandarin speakers for every English speaker, and yet finding a holiday destination with English speakers is far easier than finding one with Mandarin speakers.

Why not spend your Christmas abroad in one of the eighty-eight states where English is the national language? Not only will communication with the locals be a lot easier, but financial transactions will be too. We all want to spend money when we are abroad, especially around Christmas, so finding a holiday destination that has English speakers is a must.

If you are going to spend your Christmas abroad then do it on a credit card. It is far safer and the exchange rates are far more reasonable. There are credit and charge cards that are created solely for travel abroad. These cards will give you a better exchange rate than the cheapest bureau de change you can find. Never make the mistake of changing your money at the airport, because they have the highest exchange fees and the worst rates. Do not go on holiday with a debit card, because many debit cards will not function in foreign countries, and the ones that do will charge you massive fees for their use. The American Express Cathay Pacific credit card is ideal due to its auto-conversion feature converting everyday spend on your card to Asia Miles. These miles can be redeemed for flights selected airline partners and you could be on the track of your next trip sooner than you think.

If you are looking to spend Christmas abroad, you should really consider the big three. The big three are the UK, USA, and Australia. Not only are they predominantly inhabited by English speakers, they also celebrate Christmas every year as a tradition. You will also find that almost all of their shops and hotels will accept most credit cards. You are unlikely to find a shop or hotel that takes cash only, which means you will be able to use your credit card exclusively. You will not need to go through the expense and trouble of converting your physical money into a foreign currency.

Canada has quite a few places where snow is all but guaranteed over Christmas. They speak either English or French. India is an unusual but fun place to spend Christmas, where many people speak both Hindi and English. Ireland is full of rustic culture, and Christmas is celebrated as one of the countries’ main holidays. Most people speak both Irish and English, and just like the UK, you will find that many credit cards are accepted in Ireland. If you are planning to travel to a country where Christmas is celebrated every year, it is best to book up early as hotels fill up fast during the holiday season.

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