IN TRANSIT | The Santa Claus of Kapangan

I have seen this when I was in college during a counseling visit to St. Theresita's High School. Alternately, it is called the "Santa Claus" or sometimes the "Igorot" face.

During a project visit to Kapangan, we dropped by the municipal hall to have a courtesy call to the mayor. While waiting, I looked around and recognized the bust across the canyons and gorges. With my 300mm lens, I zoomed in and captured it for the first time.

Seeing this for the second time makes me reminisce about college and the fun we have during our practicum on counseling, and picture-taking on the side. But most of all, witnessing this wonderful work of nature is truly a gift from God.

Doing a further research, it is, in fact, one of the natural attractions of Kapangan, Benguet, which is found in Dakiwagan Mountain in Barangay Balakbak.

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Bonzenti |Con Tour Blog said...

PArang mukha nga ng tao ding.:-). Eh kung i-carve pa kaya nila ito.

The Pinoy Explorer said...

Yup. depends on who sees them...Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

Those lens really did a wonderful job, ka Ding! That's a far distance from where you took it (municipal hall). My current work takes me to the farthest of the far in the Cordilleras and although I have been to Kapangan at least three times already, I haven't been near "Santa Claus". Here's me hoping to have a selfie there soon. :-)

Admin/Author said...