Delightful Sebastian's mango ice cream

For others, it is their staple, but honestly, I am not a fan of ice cream--well, at least, when I discovered that I am a bit intolerant of lactose. You know what I mean. A few scoops of ice cream would turn my stomach into a growling beast, and thanks heavens that the sinister effect would be at least a few hours later.

The same is with coffee. That is why when I order cold drinks in Starbucks, Coffee bean and Tea Leaf, Seattle's best and other coffee shops, I make it a point to tell the barista to top it with only a third of whipped cream.

However, when I was treated to taste a different ice cream, I indulged. Why not? Well, it was a treat of my boss for a very productive project gridding! He must have been in heavens for the projects that passed the technical review of the staff. A job well is done, so we say!

Sebastian's mango ice cream

I chose from an array of frozen goodness and I settled with mango ice cream that has less milk and what is more inviting is that it is topped with no less than---drumrolls please--bagoong (shrimp paste)! I am also allergic to shrimp paste, but who cares? I was told it was sauteed and sugar and vinegar were put into it, so that must have "killed" the allergens. This is just once in a lifetime. Not only was it my first time to have a mango ice cream with bagoong, but also of the fact that it is pricey. [Smile!]

Sebastian's mango ice cream

I tell you, the first lick of the ice cream is heavenly! You get the taste of a really, really sour mango, with a hint of sugar, and a kick of spice from the sweet-salty-sour bagoong! Plus the bagoong on top is warm so you see the ice cream slowly melting, and you get a different high of eating a frozen delight with a warm (or hot) bagoong.

Overall, it is a taste of something extreme. A sour, salty, and frozen ice cream blended with hot topping. Definitely, beyond your usual notion of an ice cream...

My Verdict: 10/10! 

I am now drooling...and I should drop by again soon. (And it is just 200 meters from work!)

Sebastian's mango ice cream
What about you? What's your flavor?

***Apologies for the poor photo resolution. They were taken with my Blackberry phone. 

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Adelle said...

hmmm...i can almost imagine the different flavors. this is an interesting ice cream flavor :)

Admin/Author said...

Yes, Adelle. very yummy too!