Project Runway: Catarman

Even before I flew to Catarman, having a photo-op in Catarman airport's runway was on my bucket list. Why not? It is probably the only airport in the Philippines where vehicles can cross a runway throughout the day after the lone scheduled flight in early morning. Apparently, it is a short-cut that connects the two parts of Catarman.

Project Runway: Catarman
Eastern passageway.

Project Runway: Catarman
Western Passageway

However, I do not have the guts to go there alone. I knew there has to be a permission of sorts before one can take pictures of the runway and have our photos taken there. Good thing our project partner's staff brought us there--thus the "Project Runway" was immediately conceptualized.

Office-mate Anna, who is a head-turner and who has a model-statuesque, was also hankering for it. A partner from Arrneo, who is a dead ringer for a newly-appointed Secretary (go figure) was quite hesitant but we were able to convince him for a photo op.

Riding in motorcycles, we dashed to the airport after work. When we finally reached the runway, we hopped off and began to take photos. But then, a Barangay Tanod saw us and proceeded to our location. He explained that we should have sought permission from them first before we could take photos. In Waray dialect, our partners explained that we were from Manila and we just wanted to have our photos were taken (a la turista!). The guard understood so he allowed us, but only in the present location where we got off. I think Anna's charms did not work this time. I was planning to have an instant model photo shoot for Anna. But then, it did not happen.

Project Runway: Catarman

We tried to stretch the guard's patience and asked if we could go towards the end where the big white lines are (because it could easily serve as a proof that we have really been in a runway), but he declined. If he would allow us, it would become a precedent and every visitor/ tourist in Catarman would follow suit, which is not good for airport security. After all, the airport is open anytime for an emergency landing, and they would not want any untoward incident to happen.  Fair enough, but still, we felt bad not having gone through the far end.

Be that as it may, I was able to have some of my photos taken by Anna, and hers by me, and some snapshots before we chased the pale sunset in the town of Bobon. You might be asking who Anna is, and that guy who is a dead ringer for the Secretary, my apologies that I cannot post their photos because I do not have their permission.

In the meantime, be content with my photos. [Smile!]

Some interesting points of conversation after the quick photo session:

  1. The Catarman Airport will undergo a major renovation and expansion. It will eat up 150 meters on both sides of the runway perimeter, and it will be 300 meters longer, and the short-cut passage will be finally closed to vehicles. So if you are flying to Catarman, take note of the security personnel. It would not hurt asking their permission.
  2. Our partners noticed that the guard was always glancing at the guy who is a dead-ringer for the Secretary. We joked that we could have told the guard that the Secretary was on a covert mission and was inspecting the place so he can allow us. LOL! But then, that was an after-thought and it is just a bad idea! 
Project Runway: Catarman

Project Runway: Catarman

Project Runway: Catarman

More photos after the JUMP!

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#TownExplorer | @edmaration said...

I remember also our Vigan Airport those times it was still a sleeping asset. I used to bike there every morning. But now that it is already operating, the road has been rerouted, doble and pasakit, ang layo, nakakagasta ng gas, LOL! No more biking :)

I love the view with the coconuts at the end of the runway sir!

Christian | LAKAD Pilipinas said...

uy kelan yan ding? kakagaling ko lang catarman kanina :)

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Edmar! Yep the same will happen to Catarman after the expansion of the airport.

Admin/Author said...

Christian, Last week pa ito. yep nakita ko nga sa post ni Doi. pupunta sana ako sa Biri for project monitoring pero maalon.

doi said...

ang cool ng runway ng catarman! kulet din ng pics mo Ding. lol

Admin/Author said...

Yeah, Doi! Time for some fun time after the naunsyaming photoshoot!