Admiring Mabua pebble beach

When we hear about beaches, we immediately imagine fine white sand, or gray or black--but not a pebble beach, right?

I have heard of a pebble beach in Batanes but never had the chance to visit it when I went there in the year 2007. When I planned my weekend getaway in Surigao City in time for the Bonok-Bonok Maradjaw Karadjaw Festival, I searched for nearby places I could visit to maximize my first time in Surigao City--and I found out about the pebble beach in Brgy. Mabua. Excitement rushed over me, and I said I have to see this!

With fellow travel blogger Dennis of Love Mindanaw, whom I met for the first time for the festival, we hailed a tricycle to Mabua. The ride was around 15-20 minutes depending on the speed. I think we traveled more than that since the tricycle driver engaged us in a conversation in between whhhhrrrrrs of the engine. He acted more like a tour guide, showing and telling us places to visit.

I was a bit excited, of course. It would be my first time to see a pebble beach. It was cloudy that day. I was imagining a blue sky in the background but nonetheless, the overcast sky served as a huge softbox that made photographing the landscape more comfortable on that humid day. I took all possible angle from where we were positioned. We waited a bit of the sunset, but it was not just a good day to catch one. Be that as it may, I had to make the most of the visit--for I may not have the chance to visit it again sometime soon.

It is an ordinary rustic beach with a fisherfolk village along the coast, but what gives it a unique character are its pebbles. Pebbles are formed and become smooth (or rough depending on the kind of stone) after being worn by the action of water. Some are big and some are small that makes the beach strikingly out of the ordinary and what draws people to come and visit.

The water was inviting too, that I wanted to plunge, but I worried there might not be a bathroom where I could wash up so I had to forego that desire. When we were about to leave, we saw a row of bathrooms at the far end of the beach. Well, I blame myself for not asking around. LOL! No regrets, though.

Whenever we think of beaches, we also imagine a nice, slow, and quiet stroll--but not in a pebble beach like Mabua's. Good thing I was wearing my hiking shoes that helped a lot in walking. One needs to be extra careful as each pebble tend to roll or move while you walk on them and possibly compromising your balance.

Mabua pebble beach can also be viewed from a nearby mountain. There is a place called "300 steps" where one can see a wider vista of the beach. On top of the 300 steps is a grotto. There is a pathway that will take one further to perhaps more interesting views, but we did not go further since it was getting dark and had to meet another fellow travel blogger for dinner.

The view from the "300 Steps"

Pebble beach is a great place to spend some quiet time or some fun with friends and family. And I did just that -- sitting on the cliff on the right side of the beach even for a few minutes just to enjoy the view, take photos of the landscape and people, take some fresh salty air, then run for cover because of the coming rain--which did not reach us, by the way. But with that, I had the chance to witness the spectacle of nature--when I saw where the rain and "sun" divide.

Witnessed a rare display of nature where one area is raining and the other area is not.

Thanks to Dennis of Love Mindanao for taking this pic.
I enjoyed the place, and hope you enjoy the photos, too!

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lovemindanao said...

Your article reminded me of something I lost somehow in the middle of that trip. Galing nung jump shot! i could have done that too if i was in the mood to get wet-that's a joke of course ... lol

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Ganda pala dyan Ding! twice nako pumunta ng Surigao City pero di pa ako nakapunta dyan sa Mabua... Hopefully on my next visit...

May CR naman pala... Thanks for sharing... Hehehe! :)

Admin/Author said...

Dennis, oo nga. Sayang. thanks!

Adelle said...

beautiful! never had the chance to see this beach but i'll be sure to make the trip on my next visit...

Ma. Pamela Namoc Respecia said...

This is great!!! Been here! =)
i am so looking forward for another posts from you around CARAGA.. a bit excited for your next travel ..hope you can visit Enchanted RIver or Tinuy-an Falls =) THERE'S MORE FUN IN CARAGA. Good Luck and More Power!

Admin/Author said...

Mervin, yes...there are also huts for rent. This is a must visit.

Admin/Author said...

That's good to know, Pam! I hope I could also visit more of Surigao. thanks!

The Pinoy Explorer said...

Thank you!