Getting exposed at Camera Geek TV

A few days ago, while on travel in Borongan city, I received an e-mail asking me for an interview about my photography. I was not sure if I would even reply to the invitation since I am wary of the many spam emails I receive through my website.

Since the email contained some information about the production outfit, I "googled" a bit about Camera Geek TV, plus, a formal invitation was sent--complete with their company background made the invite more legit and not just a spam or some unscrupulous people using their production outfit. So arrangements on the location and time of the "taping" were agreed.

The shoot went well. It was a very relaxed interview but I just hope I did not look silly or did not have that oily face look, or I hope I gave sensible answers to the many questions they asked. I hope I fared well.

Anyway, I will not give a spoiler of what else they asked, aside from some I posted on my Facebook wall status.

And yeah, this is for real, too! LOL!

Thanks to Camera Geek TV for sharing the behind the scenes photos!

Talking on-cam

Chit-chat after the shoot.

Action photo.

Posing for posterity with the team: Manila Animo, Rachel Lagsao, Shierds Pamintuan, Me, and Ish de la Vega.
With this, I thank Camera Geek TV for this exposure and the opportunity for sharing my thoughts on photography.

Watch out for the airing of my interview! Stay tuned to my posts in The Pinoy Explorer Wall for details.

Camera Geek TV: Pinoy Best Shot is aired every Saturday from 10-11 PM  over PTV4.

Visit and like their Facebook Page: CamerageekTV

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Aside from my day job, I love photography and storytelling. Going places--be it a cliche destination or the far side of the road--stoke and free my soul. I dig deeper into the people’s psyche, culture and ethnicity, and heritage. I love to observe how they thrive and build social institutions, preserve their culture and traditions.


juanderfulpinoy said...

wow congratulations, sikat ka na! pa autograph

lovemindanao said...

Pa authograph naman ding ... hahaha. congrats .. :)

Admin/Author said...

@juanderfulpinoy, hindi naman...hehe.

Admin/Author said...

@dennis, next time pag nagkita tayo. LOL!

Pinoy Adventurista said...

nice naman.. outdoor ang shoot!

minsan nga magdadalawang isip ka kung bogus lang yung invitation sa dami ng spam emails we receive everyday... hehehe!

can't wait to watch it.. keep us posted! congrats Ding! :)

Admin/Author said...

Hi Mervin! There will be a re-run on Saturday, Oct 5. Thanks!