100th Post | Reflecting on Masbate Pass,traveling and life

Sailing through Masbate Pass
Serene Masbate Pass, Ticao Island side

Last August 12, 2012, we were all horrified with the news about the fate of the Piper Seneca plane that carried the late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo. The mention of the plane plunging into the Masbate Pass brought shivers, for once in my lifetime, I have sailed through it.

Masbate Pass offers a spectacular vista of the beautiful Masbate seascape, but it can be very deceiving. It can be calm one day, and rough the next day. If one is not familiar with its behavior, the sailor would find it not easy to navigate its waters and ride with its waves that can go high as 2 meters on an ordinary rainy day in summer. Through the ill-fated crash did I only know that Masbate Pass is one of the deepest parts of the Philippine archipelago.

Sailing through Masbate Pass
Marvelous show of nature.

The sail from the southern tip of Ticao Island to Masbate City was not simple and smooth. We have to pass between Ticao island and Matabao island, which was the most challenging part. On a rainy or stormy day, navigating between these two islands proves difficult as whirlpools develop. It was a blessing that the sea only had 1-2 meter waves and no whirlpool developed at that time. But as one is able to get through it, and depending on the direction of the tide, sailing along and riding with the waves towards Masbate City can be "easier" but, nonetheless, daunting.

For some, sailing is nothing but like eating peanuts. However, it is a different story for someone like me, who has had a mishap off the coast of Tukuran in Illana Bay in 2004. Since then, I feared sailing on a small boat. Not too long after that, it was inevitable for me to sail between Simara Island and Banton Island in Romblon in 2007. It was a stormy day but I thought I had to deliver what has been asked of me. Not only was a project on rainwater catchment project in Banton important that would benefit hundreds of households but at stake was also my professional fee! [Smile!]

Sailing through Masbate Pass
Tatus Island. I would love to explore this one but never had the time. 

When I was invited to do a volunteer photography work in Ticao Island, I also had my share of fear. Thank heavens that the sail to Ticao Island was smooth, but going back to Masbate was another story.

Although the sail between Ticao and Masbate islands was nerve-wracking, it brought me some realizations. Honestly, there was trepidation, but when I think about it, fear does not do me any good. Nurturing fear of the seas for a long time has finally come to an end. I have heard that to overcome fear, one has to challenge it.

All this talk reminds me of my late mother who always asked me what kind of work I do since she noticed that I travel a lot. Belonging to an old school, she was not familiar with the business of non-profit organizations--why I need to travel in hot spots in Mindanao, why I need to take long hauls, why I need to ride a plane or take that boat. Apparently, she was so much worried about my safety, so I just asked her to pray for my safe travels in many parts of the Philippine archipelago. And in return, which I think I did best over the years, was not to make my mother worry about my dangerous travels--until she left us two years ago. Now that she's gone, I no longer have a mother praying for me, but I guess, life has to move on and I am left to pray for my myself.

Sailing through Masbate Pass
Silver lining and sun rays after the rain.

Traveling posts many dangers. The danger is always lurking around, but to banish danger, so they say, is we need to cast our fears out. If we need to ride through it just leave it everything to God's hands--and cliche as it may seem, it is time when it's your time.

And as long as I am physically and financially able, for personal reasons or a call of duty, and as long as there is a sunset to chase, I will neither get tired of nor fear traveling.

Author's note: I have a number of pending stories to write, but I wanted to make this post special--it is the 100th post, and this blog has reached more than 100,000 clicks since I resurrected it in may 2011. So to say, this needs a little bit of celebration. I have been writing mostly about my travels and what I think about it, but this time, I think, I owe something to my readers. It is the most opportune time to share a part of my inner consciousness.

With this, I thank all my readers for following my explorations! Cheers to the next 100 stories about travel and life, in general.

Maraming, maraming salamat!

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Adelle said...

nice post. makes us realize a lot of things about traveling :)

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I love the pictures. These pictures made me think especially the fourth one. Hay. I need 'light' in my life right now T_T

juanderfulpinoy said...

Ang ganda rin pala sa Masbate...

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Adelle and Mica!
Mica, I also love the 4th photo! Poetic in a way.
Juanderful, yes, maganda sya especially sa Ticao Island.

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Congrats on the 100th post and on the greater than 100,000 clicks! :D Ang ganda pala sa Masbate! ^_^

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Thanks, Cris!

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Congrats Sir Ding. Way to go for TPE one of my favorite blogs (And I'm not limiting it to travel blogs) :)

I love the last paragraph (just before the author's note). And, may-archive ka na pala, errrr. I'm such a stupid stalker. LOL. Ngayon ko lang kasi nahagilap, harhar. Gonna DIG a post now. :))

Admin/Author said...

Salamat Edmar!

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Keep on blogging Ding.:-).

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congrats ding!

for your fear of traveling by boat, dala ka ng floater lagi :)

Admin/Author said...

Yes, Bonz, I think I will forever love this part of my life.

@Christian, that is what I am thinking...thanks!

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masbate.....wow n wow!

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Thanks, Arnel for the visit!

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hang ganda! makapunta nga dito mamaya .... facundo ihanda ang banca !

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