Bohol | Dimiao's stone church

Bohol | Dimiao Church

"Massive" -- That was the first impression upon seeing Dimiao Church on our way to Mabini. Going back to Tagbilaran after several meetings, we dropped by this church for a quick photo shoot. I had 15 minutes to spare as we were heading to another meeting in Loay.

This church is the San Nicolas Tolentino Parish in Dimiao, Bohol. One cannot miss this massive structure that dominates other town structures. Besides, it is along the road and it is imposing to anyone who passes by the town. Made of coral stones and limestones, one can imagine how many coral stones/ boulders have been used to build this church.

Despite its enormous size, one would notice its softer quality. The shallow reliefs of floral designs on the stones that were neatly lined up and serve as vertical bands on the otherwise bare and unadorned facade make it more interesting. We wanted to get in to see its interior, but the church doors were locked. We were told that many artifacts were already stolen thus the decision to padlock in between masses.

Intricate floral reliefs.

The vertical band of floral reliefs.

A more worn-out part at the back of the belfry.

There is no inscription yet that usually tells anyone who, how and when the church was built. In my research, it was believed to be built towards the latter half of the 19th century. Earlier research also shows records of baptism in 1750.

Looking at its exterior, the structure is cruciform with a short transept. On both sides of the church two octagonal belfries. The one on the right is accessible through a steep stone staircase at the base and a wooden staircase leading to the belfry. At the back, annexed to the sacristy is the convent.

The belfry is accessible by a staircase at the back.

The right transept.

This visit was short but sweet. I am honored to see and visit this gem of a church even for a brief period. Barely a year ago on July 30, 2011, it was declared by the National Museum as National Cultural Treasure.

If I have more time when I visit Bohol again, I would definitely explore this church more.

Because it was huge, I needed to step back at least 25 meters to take this shot.

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Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Ang ganda. :) Sa Baclayon lang ako nakarating diyan. :)

Admin/Author said...

Thank you! worth the second visit, perhaps?

Riz said...

havent got the chance to explore this church when i went to Bohol. This church looks interesting

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

nice, parang di ata namin nadaanan to nung nag bohol kami :)

Admin/Author said...

@Riz, this really looks interesting but then we were not able to go inside. Sayang. There will be next time!

@Christian, madadaanan mo ito when you go to Anda.

Edmar Guquib said...

Ahhhh, intricate! That's it :)

Last photo: Parang isang Chapel sa Spain located near the grape vineyards. :)


Pinay Travel Junkie said...

It does look massive! The man in front of the church seems miniscule. The floral reliefs are so pretty!

Admin/Author said...

Indeed, Edmar! The floral accents look very intricate and well done, considering that coral stones are hard to carve.

Admin/Author said...

Gay, oo nga. it's as tall as a 5-storey building.

Bonzenti |Con Tour Blog said...

I miss this church. We stayed here for a week near the INC church.That was during high school days. :-). BTW, iba na site mo ah, ding. :-).

Admin/Author said...

Bonz, daghang salamat bai for dropping by. Good to know you have been to Dimiao. Yes, I tweaked the template a bit to have a cleaner layout.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

ang ganda ng flower designs... i wanna go back to Bohol soon! thanks for sharing Ding! :)

Admin/Author said...

ganda talaga mervs. with the intricate design, I do not know they they carved it on coral stones.