IN TRANSIT | Anda, Bohol's white sand beach

Anda, Bohol
An old Talisay tree.

On the way to Jagna from Mabini, we decided to check out Anda beach. So we took the interior road going to Anda. Anda, just 7-8 kilometers from the main highway, is a sleepy town located at the Northeastern side of Bohol.

We arrived past 12 noon and the sun was in its full ascent. We immediately got off from the car and checked out the beach which is just a little more than a hundred meters from the town church and a few meters from the open field (plaza) in front of the church.

Needless to say, I was impressed by the fine white sand. It is so white that it glared under the mid-day sun and one cannot look at it without wearing sunglasses. All the time, I was squinting in between shots, and could not help but to wear my sunglasses.

I did not waste any time. I moved around a bit and took some photos to make the most of our short side trip to this part of Bohol.

The pictures tell it all!

Anda, Bohol
The fine, white sand public beach. The brown dirt scattered are seagrasses washed to the shore.

Anda, Bohol
This beach was a landing site for American troops during WWII, thus this monument.

Anda, Bohol
The town church.

Anda, Bohol
The town plaza.

Anda, Bohol
A tall pedestal with the image of the Sacred Heart  
Anda is an alternative beach destination in Bohol, aside from Panglao Island. The downside, however, is that it is 2-hours away from Tagbilaran. Going here, however, offers a different kind of high as one will pass through historical towns and the old and unique churches of Valencia and Dimiao (which I will feature later), not to mention the long, winding, and scenic road.

If given the chance, I would love to come back here.

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Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

ganda ng beach jan ding ah! subukan ko puntahan yan sa august :)

Admin/Author said...

Mas maganda kesa Panglao, Christian. Yup! recommended! may mga beach resorts din. But this is the public beach. may mga kainan naman if you want to stay nang maghapon lang.

Riz said...

Hmmm. Interesting. Now i have one good reason to go back to Bohol. Thanks for sharing!

Admin/Author said...

Hi Riz! Yup, this also becomes a motivation for me to go back! Thanks!


beautiful beach! Sayang d ko to napuntahan dati. :(

Admin/Author said...

@wander shugah, more reason to go back to Bohol!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

walang mga places to stay overnight?

Admin/Author said...

There are resorts christian. May mga nadaanan kami along the hi-way na mga billboards. But I think may malapit namang resort dito sa public beach.

Carlo said...

We love the photos (especially the first one with the tree). The beach really does look pristine. ^^ We decided to share it on our site. Thanks!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Carlo for the link!

Earl (Suroy Pilipinas) said...

Ito ang gusto kong beach. Di pa masyadong commercialized. Thanks for sharing Sir Ding!

Admin/Author said...

welcome, Earl!

kathydgypsy said...

pwd po bah magdala ng tent sa public resort? in case gsto namin mag'overnight?

Admin/Author said...

Not sure Khatt. Thanks for dropping by.

Traveling Morion said...

writing an article about Quinale, ito lumabas sa search :) unexpected din pagpunta ko dito nung March, daan lang pero ang ganda- haba ng coastline at fine white talaga ang sand. Oh 2012 pa pala post, BATA PA AKO NITO for sure TIYO hahaha

The Pinoy Explorer said...

Jeffrey, yes, matagal na itong post. I guess madami naging interested sa lugar na ito...Kuya