DATE Park Adventures | The Canopy Walk and Monkey Bridge


The Canopy Walk

The canopy walk is but just a hanging bridge in common terms. It is a 60-meter long walk with the highest height (from the lush gorge below) is 30 meters. This is the easiest part of the adventure trail.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Getting ready for action.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Strapped and all geared up.

One can get close to the lush vegetation surrounding the hanging bridge thus the term canopy as you would “commune” with the tree canopies. But wait, if you are not very accustomed to hanging bridges, you need to brace yourself as the sides of the railings are open that you can easily slip and fall into the ravine below. One needs to exercise extra caution when treading especially if you bring kids. You need to avoid them from running or crossing the bridge alone.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
That obligatory pose.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Looks easy but it is shaking! LOL! be careful not to slip or you will fall on the sides.

The Monkey Bridge

Perhaps the most dreaded part of the entire adventure trail is crossing the monkey bridge. Yes, we were secured with a harness belt anchored on the roller trolley above our heads. But if you slip, you will definitely get hurt. Seeing only the metal cable under your feet and the ravine next, is the most thrilling part. Crossing the bridge by stepping on the suspended single cable akin to walking on a tightrope should be done with utmost care and concentration.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Another obligatory shot. Now the harder part.

Of course, I had my photos taken by our tour guide while sitting on the bridge.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Relaxing a bit. Photo op time!

Yes, it could be daunting when you fear heights. Although it is shorter at 45 meters in length it is higher. If you fail even just a single step, and if your harness fails you, you will fall 90-120 feet below. That is equivalent to almost 9 or 12 story building! Now, do the math. But of course, the staff of the DATE Park made sure we were all secured in our harness before plunging below crossing the bridge.

Once in the middle part, you could feel the adrenaline rush! It was exhilarating! It felt like you are suspended in mid-air, and you have nothing to depend on but yourself. I must admit I had trepidations before crossing this bare bridge, but I am The Pinoy Explorer, and I am ready for anything! LOL!

Truth to tell, seeing the deep ravine and the rushing cascades below were nauseous. I could barely hold my camera strapped on my neck so that I can take photos of my feet and the ravine below. You see I have this habit of photographing my feet to show where I was standing on (That, I will blog about later). Save for Claire, our intrepid tour guide who crossed the bridge as easy as 1-2-3, had my point and shoot camera and took care of taking my photos.

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
See what I am stepping on?

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Taking a deep breath. Enjoying the view. 

Catigbian Hanging and Monkey bridge
Almost there!

I tell you it was the grueling feat!

And I did it, and you can do it, too! I tell you, it is more fun in Catigbian! And after this, now I am ready for more daring adventures! Danao next time?

What to do when you feel like trembling when doing an adventure course like this?
Simple—take a deep breath, relax, concentrate on what you are doing (this time stepping on a mere cable suspended and held by reinforcement cables on the side.)—and most of all, feel the wind (forget about the sweat on your face), just go with the flow, and enjoy the view!

Thanks to Claire Gandia who took my photos.
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Riz said...

wow! That's very challenging but looks exciting. Would love to try this in the future. :) Great Shots!

Admin/Author said...

Hi Riz! Thanks for dropping by. It is a must try!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

grabe talaga ding!!! sana matibay talaga yung mga harness hehe

Admin/Author said...

Christian, the only thing that supports the body is that harness attached to the rollers...hehe.