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I have had an initial of the River Trek on the day I arrived in Catigbian. Had some photos taken here and there, and just enjoyed the cool afternoon breeze. It is not that it would be dangerous, but I did not want to spoil the fun the next day so I had to contain my excitement.

The inverted direction

Cascade at the far end of the pool.

That afternoon, I was able to take some good photos, and it just felt good being alone and the highlight was having seen a small crab posing right in front of me.

A crab suddenly appeared.

She wants some more photos.

The next day I was ready to get wet and did not mind getting sweaty and dirty. The trek was only short. It was meant for a family adventure even with kids in tow, so parents need not worry. The trek is shaded so no worries about getting sunburnt. It was more like a walk in the park. For the adventurous, this would not be exciting. Again, this would be welcome for the first-time trekkers. The only more dangerous part of the trek was the drop off from a cliff but there is already a staircase built to make the descent and ascent down the cliff.

The hanging bridge as seen below the gorge.

After that, one would be rewarded with a scenic view of the Dagook Falls. It got its name from roaring sound of the cascades and rapids. It was previously called Mag-aso falls. It is not advisable, though, to dive and swim in the pool below the falls as it is deep. One just needs to be content with climbing the rock below and take a shower. It could be dangerous during rainy days as the falls become bigger and stronger. Good thing there was no strong rains that day and were blessed with just the right water volume.

Dagook falls.


While this might not be palatable for the more experienced adventurers, I would not like to compare it with the other falls I have seen. Dagook falls has its own charm and had I have more time to spare, I would stay longer.

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Edmar Guquib said...

Whatta lovely falls sir Ding. Love the cascades of the mini-falls too and that hanging bridge --> Will take that to get rid of the crabs >.< hahah. lol

Admin/Author said...

Thaks, Edmar...iisa lang naman yung crab. hahaha!

Riz said...

ang ganda naman ng falls na yan.. at ang galing ng mga shots mo.. :) panalo!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Riz!

G said...

I love the mighty talangka! Hahahaha Great Pics Ding :)

Tom said...

Ang sama ng tingin ng Crab sayo! haha