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This is peanuts compared to other zip lines in the Philippines. But for a first timer like me, I had trepidations, too. Say, I also fear heights and paranoid about the strength and durability of the harness being used. Perhaps, it was because I have seen some accidents on TV featuring this kind of outdoor activities. But then the staff of DATE Park in Catigbian was very very much trained, careful and supportive. Plus, their adventure guides who were as frail as any lady I know have done it with ease, and for several times in a day at that.

The first seconds were daunting--like you were dropped on a thin air, but then the succeeding seconds were just exhilarating! It was only 200 meters in length, and took mere seconds from disaster the take-off point to the drop-off point--and I wish I could go back for more! But that means I have to cross the two hanging bridges again! Besides, it would take time as we were to leave after lunch for Panglao Island.

The hike to the hill for the zip line.

Tourist Guide Claire leads the group.

Demonstrating the safety features of the slide

Down she goes

Having experienced Catigbian, which is a pretty much suited for beginners, I think I can be more daring in my future zip line rides!

Hmm...I would love to try the ones in Danao, Hoyohoy, Butuan, and Samar!

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