Survey says, "It is more fun in the Philippines!"

For three (3 months) since its inception in January this year, I ran a "quiet survey" in my blog with the question:"Do you think the DOT campaign slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines!" works?

And the result is a majority YES!

As of writing, a total 108 online random votes (sans the advertisement to vote for their choice) resulted to a 73% of the readers of the Pinoy explorer agreeing that the new tourism campaign slogan works. The number may not be representative of the entire Philippine population, but is surely an indication of what my readers think. I hope this also translates to a renewed hope for the Philippine tourism.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of The Pinoy Explorer, and let me thank you, my readers, for keeping up with me. Here's hoping that you continue to read this blog! There is no fanfare. There is no contest that I envisioned earlier. Just relishing the thought that I am happy to share my explorations with you.

With a Google Page Rank of 5, and with some readers and followers, what more can I ask for? Of course, I would like to have thousands of followers and readers, but that is a long shot. But who knows? This blog may not become as popular as the blogs of the big names in travel blogging--but I am just as grateful for the fact that a few hundred are following this blog.

Thank you for exploring with me!

Meanwhile, the Department of Tourism has already rolled out its campaign video with no less than the CNN as the launch pad! Check out their videos is YouTube!


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Edmar Guquib said...

Happy Anniversay to The Pinoy Explorer! Wising all the best!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Edmar!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

congrats on your third anniv ding!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Christian!