In one of our photo walks, I found this cat along Hidalgo St. on our way to Quiapo from San Sebastian church. I thought it was only for a show. I did check out if the earphones were working. Indeed, there was music playing. It is owned by one of the residents along Hidalgo, and he takes pride in pampering his cat--and being photographed by wannabe street photographers!

Amusing, isn't it?

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Aside from my day job, I love photography and storytelling. Going places--be it a cliche destination or the far side of the road--stoke and free my soul. I dig deeper into the people’s psyche, culture and ethnicity, and heritage. I love to observe how they thrive and build social institutions, preserve their culture and traditions.


Charles said...

Hahaha. Nice one. I love taking photos of cats.

EINz said...

Cute! kainggit, ahaha...