Let's paint the town RED!

February is the month of love, and by culture and instinct, we associate love with heart, even though we know it's the hypothalamus at work, not the heart.  Without much ado, heart and RED are almost synonymous with each other.

The color red connotes a lot of things:
  • In high school, it symbolizes seniority.  
  • The color red wards off bad spirits.  I remember my mom hanging a red hanky beside my sons and nephews and nieces when they were a baby.  She told me, it would drive away ghosts that may disturb the sleeping baby.
  • The Chinese associate it with luck or fortune, as well as  courage, loyalty, honor, success, fortune, fertility, happiness, passion
  • Red is power and is often connoted for bravery and heroism, and even revolution
  • In our flag, the red color symbolizes the blood, sacrifice, and courage of those who fought for our freedom from colonial invaders
  • Red is beauty or attractiveness, passion, and lust, and as such, red always begets attention.
  • On the negative, red is used as a symbol of guilt and anger
  • and the most popular of them all, Red is LOVE.

Anyway, the Pinoy Explorer wants to greet you all a Happy Valentine this month of love!

As a fitting reminder, let me share some of my photos I gathered from my travels and many photo walks--all with the color RED in it.

The choice
Of course, RED is not complete without the strawberries from Baguio.

Blood, sacrifice, and courage

Number 43
Taken from the Miyata Race in Subic Bay.

Kuya Kim and wife
A red in a sea of yellow.  Kuya Kim Atienza, during President Aquino's funeral.  Taken at Luneta.

General Luna
Red Car in General Luna, Intramuros, Manila in HDR.

Her's and His'
Signs in the comfort rooms of Tam-awan Village, Baguio City.

That red wall at the bus terminal
Do you know what bus terminal is this?

ASTIG-ness [Boldness]
Dinagyang Festival contingent, Aliwan Fiesta, 2008.

When the south meets north
My former Muslim Interns during their trip to Baguio. (Click the image to read related story).

A red dragonfly
Okay, okay, it can be taken anywhere else, but I really took this from Butterfly Garden in Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat, Pasonanca Park, Zamboanga City.

That small red car in Kuching City.

Flower girl
A child participant in the event I covered.  (click the photo to read related story)

Red Bike
Red bike in Basco Batanes.

Tu es sacerdos
I was captivated by this mosaic in one of the walls in San Carlos Seminary, Guadalupe, Makati.

Cult leader.

To see more "RED photos" click this link to my Flickr stream.

Happy Valentines!


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Aside from my day job, I love photography and storytelling. Going places--be it a cliche destination or the far side of the road--stoke and free my soul. I dig deeper into the people’s psyche, culture and ethnicity, and heritage. I love to observe how they thrive and build social institutions, preserve their culture and traditions.


Edmar Guquib said...

What a nice opening salvo for February the love month!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, Edmar!

MACY said...

wow red red red! happy love month!

killerfillers said...

just stumble on your blog..awesome shots sir. keep it up!

Gladys | WanderingTandem.com said...

great photos! love the strawberry and the red bike shot!

Admin/Author said...

@killerfillers, thanks!

@macy, indeed!

@Gladys, i love those too!

Thanks for the visit!

Asiong32 said...

beautiful set of pictures sir Ding! i love it!

let me guess, victory liner yung bus terminal na yun? right?

Admin/Author said...

Salamat Asiong! Yes, Victory.

ChicSassyMom said...

Oh wow! Red is love indeed! You have truly a creative and amazing eye for beauty and art. ;-D

lakwatserong tsinelas said...

great concept.for a post. i'm.now addicted to your travel stories. keep them.coming! thanks for sharing