SNAPSHOT | The PWD Rider in Iligan City


Date taken: May 26, 2008

We were heading to Marawi City for a meeting with our program partner from Mindanao State University when my lady boss spotted this rider and called my attention. Immediately, I grabbed my camera and took several shots. Good thing my camera was in a "P" mode that time so I wasted no time in the manual settings.

It was a sight to behold! Indeed, his physical disability did not hinder him to travel and move around!  Aptly, the quote I put in my Flickr album says:
The trick is not how much pain you feel - but how much joy you feel. Any idiot can feel pain. Life is full of excuses to feel pain, excuses not to live, excuses, excuses, excuses. - Erica Jong
With all the tasks at hand, there is no reason for me to say any excuses, in whatever manner that is applicable to me--especially in my backlogs in blogging.  Time for me to set a more workable blogging and work schedule this time!

And for those who do not like to travel...Tara na! Byahe Tayo!

Just a quick post to say I am missing more blogging and blog-hopping...and say hello to everyone!   

Methinks, this is one for the books!

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Aside from my day job, I love photography and storytelling. Going places--be it a cliche destination or the far side of the road--stoke and free my soul. I dig deeper into the people’s psyche, culture and ethnicity, and heritage. I love to observe how they thrive and build social institutions, preserve their culture and traditions.


Edmar Guquib said...

That photo is just heart-warming that we who are with complete set of functioning body love to complain while people like this are giving it a try without complaint.

Admin/Author said...

Oo nga Edmar...more reason to ride your bike and travel?

Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] said...

No probs ding. Piece by piece blogging lang. :-). More travels. :-). said...

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