"Talk Time" with Susan Calo Medina

"Talk Time" with Susan Calo Medina

First, my apologies for not having uploaded my supposedly 3-part series of my year-ender. I have no other major reason--it is Christmas and New Year holiday--when all we have in mind is forget the gym workouts and the diet regimen to give in to our earthly desires to eat, drink and be merry! I guess, with that, my apologies are accepted. [Smile!].

Second, I just want to share with you a once-in-a-lifetime experience just this afternoon--that is meeting the Philippines' travel icon--Ms. Susan Calo-Medina of Travel Time!

It started with me commenting about Travel Time episode "My Personal Baguio" in their fan page, then a series of communication ensued between me and her staff to find a common schedule for the meet, which is actually an interview.  Actually, I did not expect this to happen.  In fact, with so many concerns before Christmas, I have already forgotten all about the possibility of an interview as mentioned in the Facebook note in their fan page.  It was just a "try" on my part.  Besides, whether or not I would be interviewed, I gave a  comment that comes from the heart.  I was stunned, of course!  I have met dignitaries because of my work, but I never felt this way!  The mere thought that I will have the chance to meet the Travel Icon simply kept playing in my mind!

Then I began to weave possible questions and answers. Restless, I even sent SMS to her staff what possible questions she would ask so at least I can prepare and not look nincompoop in front of Mrs. Medina.  She told me, it is very simple and we would have a "rehearsal."  I was relieved with that.

Then the day came for the interview.  It was simple and short--and I hope I did not make a fool of myself.  It was my first time to do an on-cam interview.  Considering that I am new to this, it was both a surprise and a relief that there is no one directing and telling me what I "should" say, or say "cut", or "re-take".  It was very casual that, in my mind, I asked--"That's it?" Yeah, yeah, I stammered a bit but Ms. Medina was quick to come to the rescue with another question.  It was just awesome for a first-timer for an on-cam interview.

What helped me go through this is perhaps the pleasant disposition of Ms. Medina.  She had no air and was just so accommodating.  It was definitely an honor on my part to have met her.

When we had to bid each other goodbyes and said our "thank you's", I had to let go of my inhibitions. I have never done this before-even with the Philippine President I worked for (which I regretted, of course!).  I was always shy to ask.  This time, I just had to let go and ask if we could have a  have a photo for posterity.  She was game with it even if she was worried she was not wearing makeup.  But then as I told her, she still came out beautifully in the photo.  (The sad part is that the photo was a bit blurred.  The flash was set to slow synchro.  Sigh!).  Then I asked permission that I will blog about this.

So this is it!  Now, this is my yea-render post!

The interview will be aired on January 14 over ANC Channel, Saturday at 9:30 AM.

Watch "Travel Time with Susan Calo Medina"
ANC Channel
Saturdays at 9:30 AM
Replays:  Saturday (5:30 PM), Mondays (6:00 PM) and Fridays (2;30 AM)


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Kaiz said...

I also interviewed her last year. Too bad she didn't want me posting her no-make-up photos kaya wala ako evidence. :D I admire her passion when it comes to travelling.

Admin/Author said...

@Kaiz, okay naman sa kanya. Indeed, she is very passionate about promoting travel and tourism in the Philippines.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

wow! i want to meet her too! congrats Ding! hope I could watch it but unfortunately, wala kaming cable tv sa bahay... ehehehe! abangan ko nalang ang link pag na-upload na sa youtube... happy new year! :)

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

hanep! congrats ding!

Admin/Author said...

@Mervin, she told me they will give me a copy. I will also upload that one once it is available.

Thanks, Christian!

AJ said...

That is one big peacock feather in your blogging cap - an interview with the travel icon no less! Bata pa lang ako napapanood ko na sha. Inspiring din how you got the interview. Blessings like this don't usually fall on our laps. We have to be proactive and "try" to do something - which you did, and was rewarded with that ultimate meet-up. Best xmas gift for a travel blogger. :) Looking forward to watching the interview! Remind us of the sched on FB.

Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] said...

Aba, aba, maraming hanep na to ding. Galing mo pre. This is really an achievement on your part. Way to go pre. Congrats to that.

Admin/Author said...

Hi AJ, thanks! Sure I will remind you all. hehe.

Bon, daghang salamat, bro!

juanderfulpinoy said...

That's a great accomplishment. Congratulations , I also admire her and hoping to meet her too.

Admin/Author said...

Thank you, Juanderfulpinoy!

gracefool said...

wow! interview with the travel icon ^_^.. i wish to meet her up too kahit wishful thinking lang muna ngayon ^_^.. congrats~

Ma. Pamela Namoc Respecia said...

yey! I did watch you in Travel Time with Ms. Susan Calo Medina yesterday! Cool man! Ms. Travel Icon still looks awesome as ever! Wow! You really inspire me in improving my travel-blog. In fact, just yesterday i've bought #sidetrip.magazine..i hope you're familiar with it. =) BTW, i'm looking forward also for the release of S.C.M's Travel Time mag special.. hope it won't took that long! God bless you!

Admin/Author said...

Hi grace...not far fetched!

Thanks, Pamela! I missed it,a nd I make sure I will watch it Monday at 6PM.

Anonymous said...

oooh i missed the airing! can you upload the episode? thanks! :)