Shooting cascades in Papa-a

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Shooting cascades in Papa-a

Papa-a is another backyard nature wonder I have visited in Brgy. Mangangan I, Baco, Oriental Mindoro.  It was just a good 50 meters hike from my friend's house!  Again, they are just so lucky to have this in their own backyard!

As soon as we arrived, I prepared my photography gears and headed to this rocky stream.  There are no big falls to see (or perhaps further upstream, I never asked) but as soon as I stepped on it, I was simply awed by its cool and clean water!

There was a looming rain, and I thought it might be dangerous to trek as there would be a possibility of a flash flood coming from the mountain.  I was told, this stream can go high at 10 feet during a continuous and strong downpour.  But then, the sun shone brightly in between cumulus clouds.  Besides, it was a break from a week of work in Calapan City and I had to unwind even just for a day and negative thoughts can't just defeat this overwhelming natural beauty right before my eyes.

PB192970 copy
The cascade that flows between the mag-asawang bato.

As soon as I saw small cascades running down the stream, I immediately thought it would be good to do long exposures.    It was just disappointing that I did not bring my tripod [again!].  However, with a wardrobe good for a week, heavy documents and laptop in tow, it was cumbersome to bring a tripod on your official trips.  Again, I had to improvise.  Despite the shutter lag in my camera, plus the strong sunshine, which made it difficult for me to time and expose correctly, I was able to get some usable photos.

PB193015 copy
Mag-asawang Bato [twin rock].  The water is so cool and clear you can see the rocks below.

The main attraction in this stream is called mag-asawang bato [a twin rock].  It has a waist level pool in between. As soon as we arrived, I was already dying to plunge.  But then, I had to accomplish my main agenda in coming here--to photograph.

After doing my photography, and although not pleased with what I have taken, I thought it was time for me to plunge!  It was just frustrating having a camera that does not cooperate. Besides, I was soaking in sweat and the cool water was just inviting and irresistible!  So I took the plunge!

PB193028 copy
Taking the plunge!

After I was refreshed, I looked for more cascades to shoot upstream and found a well-shaded spot and got lucky to have these shots. (It is advisable to have long exposures under overcast skies or under a shade).  Having no tripod was just challenging!  I had to prop myself on top of rocks just so I can have these taken.

PB193091 copy

PB193144 copy

Definitely, this visit was worth the not-so-bumpy trip.  It was just refreshing and definitely a break from a heavy work week.  If I were to describe it in one word, literally or figuratively--COOL!

For more photos, see Shooting cascades in Papa-a set on Flickr


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Pordoy Palaboy said...

ive never been to mindoro and sana me time next year.

Ayos kuha mo kahita walang tripod.

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Salamat, My Nomadic Habits!

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Ang sarap maligo! Nakakaexcite for summer.

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