Judy Ann's crispy pata

After performing our duties as wannabe social welfare officers pretending to be photography enthusiasts, we thought of rewarding ourselves after a job well done. Since some of our colleagues were from Malabon, they wanted us to taste the best that Malabon can offer. So off we went to this small but famous restaurant.

Judy ann's

At first, the waitresses were unsure if they could still entertain us because they were expecting guests who have a reservation at 3PM. Looking at our watches, it was only a bit past 1PM. So we negotiated. We promised we will eat fast, as long as they can cook fast too--and we had a deal.

Of course, we ordered the famed crispy pata (pig knuckles)! And since some of us (like me, LOL!), were health-conscious (tell it to the marines!), we ordered veggies like the usual chop suey and ampalaya (bitter gourd) with meat. So we had this!

Judy ann's
Crispy, succulent and tender crispy pata!

Judy ann's
Apparently not your usual chop suey

Judy ann's
Ampalaya with beef (but we learned later it had shrimps too!)

True to our words, we were done in 30 minutes, and we only paid a little over a P100 each. I thought it was better than having the usual fast-food fare, and we get to taste what Malabon is known for.

The crispy pata had a different taste and had just the right tenderness!  Apparently, the home-made pickles and its juice sprinkled all over nailed it.  The veggies are stirred in oyster sauce that made it taste better.  Unlike the predictable ampalaya with beef, this one had tomatoes that, I think, made the bitter taste to stand out.   I am no food connoisseur so I will not speak more.  Let the taste speak for itself.

So where do you find this restaurant?

Judy ann's

There.  Judy Ann's is already a part of Malabon heritage.  Among other Malabon delicacies, their crispy pata is always sought for.

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Pinoy Adventurista said...

akala ko as in Judy Ann Santos... hehehe!!! but it looks very tempting... ang sakit sa batok... hehehe!!!

buti nalang at nakipag deal kayo at pamayag sila na matatapos kayo before 3PM... heheh!

this is a must-try, hahanapin ko 'to pag-napadpad ako sa Malabon...

Thanks for sharing Ding!

Admin/Author said...

yes, Mervs. masarap ito! hehehe.

juanderfulpinoy said...

nakakagutom ang post na ito...

Chris E said...

i love the food and the name of their resto! :)

Admin/Author said...

Ako din Juanderfulpinoy. Naalala ko ito that is why I blogged this. Hehe

Admin/Author said...

@Chris, oo nga. No pun intended.

joan | the backpack chronicles said...

nagutom ako sa crispy pata. craving one right now!

vin said...

akala ko si judai yung owner. haha

Admin/Author said...

@Joan, nakakagutom talaga!

@Vin,naka-peke, di ba? hehe. Thanks for dropping by.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

ha-huntingin ko nga to