SNAPSHOT | Mount Apo peak and sunset

December 19, 2008.

Before I booked for a flight, I had my reservations scheduling my flight back to Manila from Davao, because it meant harder to get a cab going home, ergo, going home late.  The 4:40 PM flight is notorious for its late departure (sometimes extending up to 7PM).  I was supposed to be booked at 6:00 PM flight, but I settled for the 4:40 PM because I wanted to catch the Indios last day of the exhibit.   When I checked in, I chose the window seat to be able to shoot the sunset while on a flight.

When I boarded, I was surprised to see an old woman sitting in my assigned seat.  But then, I thought the old woman was unfamiliar with pre-assigned seats.  I gave in so I sat next to her instead.  I still had a good view, after all. It was after one or two minutes after takeoff when I saw this spectacular view of the highest peak in the Philippines.

I think I was rewarded for being kind to the old woman who also wanted to take a look at the aerial view!

Elevation/ Prominence: 2,954 m (9,692 ft) - Ranked 98th

Location: Davao del Norte, Philippines
Coordinates: 7°0′30″N 125°16′33″E
Type: Stratovolcano

Source: Wikipedia

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Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

Hanep sir Ding!!

Admin/Author said...

Thanks, christian!

ivanlakwatsero said...

gosh, ang pangarap kong peak :))

Admin/Author said...

Same here, Batang lakwatsero! Kung malapit lang sana.

Davao Information Site said...

Wow. Superb photo. Simpy breathtaking. I'm from Davao but I have never been to Mt. Apo.

Unknown said...

I superrrr love this mountain... A very relaxing climb and daming water source... superrr gandah ng mga views :)

Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] said...

Pag conquer na lang ding sa summit.:-).