Chilling it out at Mambukal hot spring

Mambukal Hot Spring

Mambukal's natural and therapeutic environment makes it perfect for nature lovers. It boasts a number of hot sulfur springs whose medicinal waters that soothes the weary flesh and continually feeds the warm dipping pool.

We had cramped muscles due to swimming and dipping in the small cold pool and we readily obliged to be seduced by its steaming water.  Also, the steaming water is just perfect for our tired legs after trekking.  The first dip was seemingly arduous, but once you are in it, you will never want to get off the water.  But the secret I have learned from my frequent trips to Pansol hot springs in Laguna back in the early 90s is that one needs to just jump into it (and just allow yourself to get shocked for a moment), and in no time, your body will readily adapt to the temperature.

I also find it quite refreshing to see a beautifully designed wading pool.  The area is designed to be like a "spa center" because right beside it is Blade Spa, whose services we tried inside the comfort of our lodging house. Shaped liked a butterfly, the hot wading pool in never to be missed once you visit Mambukal.

I guess, I have nothing else to say but share with you these photos.

The way to the hot spring.

The source.

Hot spring reservoir.  No swimming or dipping allowed unless you want to get burned.

Anecdote: According to Lito, our trekking guide: a Korean tourist, without any warning, jumped into this pool and suffered 3rd-degree burns.  He was just lucky that he managed to cling on to the wall and he had a company to rescue him.  

A visitor.  It felt like I was in Jurassic Park with steam all over the place.

The outlet.  The hot spring water is mixed with cold spring water.

The wading pool shaped like a butterfly.

The pool at night.  Perfect for night photography with the steam as special effects.
My son willingly obliged to pose for me for this silhouette.


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bisayangmanlalakbay said...

nice. looking forward to my trip next year.

Admin/Author said...

Thanks BM for dropping by!

Renevic | Mandaragat. Mamumundok. Lagalag. said...

This is nice. Good for aunties/uncles :) Nice shot ding, great photo signature also.

Pinoy Adventurista said...

one of my favorite spots i visited in Negros Occidental, i enjoyed most is the trekking to the falls... :)

lakwatsera de primera said...

This post reminded me also of those days we spent in Pansol hot springs. This resort looks a bit fancier though :)

juanderfulpinoy said...

i have a question about trekking fee. Yung guide fee, i will go solo so need some addtional information. magkano ang magagastos or my question is how much ang kelangan ko dalhin pag pumunta ako dito

Admin/Author said...

@juanderfulpinoy, we got a cottage worth P1,400+ which can house 4 people. it has its own bathroom and small kitchen. It is also airconditioned. But there is a cheaper room accomnodation, I think, which is the dormitory, but it is a bit far from the center and madilim pag gabi.

If you are a guest, you are free to use the small cold pool, and the hotspring. The reception will give you tickets to these sections. fare to Mambukal is cheap lang, around P45 more or less.

Admin/Author said...

@juanderfulpinoy, the trekking guide fee we gave is P300.00 for a 2-3 hour trek, but since mabait si Lito at tinulungan kaming magbuhat ng mabigat kong camera bag, dinagdagan namin.

Lori said...

Very good combination of good writing and superb fotos! For pinoys living abroad, these entries make me wanna go back and explore Pinas differently (now that I have a 2-year old daughter) ;-)

keep the good entries going..

The Netherlands

Admin/Author said...

Thank you Lori!