Sagada in my mind

Sagada in my mind

Finally, I was able to go to the much-talked-about destination for a tired soul physically exhausted urban professional like me. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to go along with my wife who went to Bontoc to attend to a book distribution project, hence, a side trip to Sagada was irresistible.

I have been schooled in Baguio but never had the chance to really explore the Cordilleras. Halsema Highway back then was rugged and going to Sagada, therefore, was a challenging trip! Besides, “mountain people” would not want the mountains for a relaxation after semestral breaks. Of course, we would prefer the beaches of La Union over the mountains with which we commune every day of our lives!

The farthest place that I have reached in the Cordilleras is Natubleng, Benguet passing through Halsema Highway, the highest point of the highway system in the Philippines, which, by the way, offers an equally stunning and awesome scenery, especially at sunrise. In 1991, the roads were literally boulders with just a few smooth parts in areas where there are villages. Traveling then was, literally, a pain on the butt! Thank God that the roads to Benguet have now improved. The late General Halsema would now be peaceful in his grave with his name etched in the map of the Philippines.

However, we did not pass through Baguio. Rather, we took the Cagayan Valley Road through Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, then Ifugao, and our destination, Bontoc in Mountain Province. It took us twelve hours from Quezon City via the Cable Tours.

Can't kick the habit

I would say it was worth the 12 hours travel from Quezon City to Bontoc and 45 minutes travel from Bontoc to Sagada. Bontoc, by the way, is another beautiful place to conquer!

The month of February was a perfect month to see Sagada. With no rains, and not too cold, seeing the burial caves, misty mountains, beautiful flowers, nice people and experiencing laid back life, would definitely a come on. I just regret I never had the chance to do spelunking and see the stalactites and stalagmites and wade in the cold waters of streams because my companions would not want to. This leaves a reason for me to go back to Sagada. I swear I should be more daring next time!

My princess

It is hard to express how I felt but it was the best stress-reliever I have had! Although physically beaten, all my stress were gone, and would definitely go back there!


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