A quiet afternoon at UEP Catarman White Beach

UEP Catarman White Beach

After a short visit to Catarman Cathedral, I hailed a tricycle (that looks like a small jeep) at the Catarman Terminal bound for UEP (University of Eastern Visayas).  I was ready to get wet and enjoy the beach in UEP White Beach. Yes, I had in my backpack the necessary toiletries, extra board shorts and shirts I would need when I have to clean up and change.

It was a short ride--around 10 minutes from the terminal--and in no time, I was at the gate of the beach resort. There is nothing fancy about the resort--just the basic amenities like bamboo and nipa cottages and a comfort room.

I was anticipating to enjoy the sea, only to be greeted and told by the receptionists at the gate that no swimming is allowed as the current is strong that day. Stories were told that there had been a lot of deaths due to drowning in the sea that is why they are now extra careful during this time of the year.

UEP Catarman White Beach

Of course, I was a bit disappointed but I just shrugged it off. Besides swimming, I also wanted to take photos. So I just enjoyed the rest of my stay photographing everything that I found interesting.

UEP Catarman White Beach
I would have wanted to do this instead of wade in the deeper parts of the sea, but I changed my mind. 

UEP Catarman White Beach
A huge wave came crashing onto the rocky shore and engulfed this man.

UEP Catarman White Beach
He had bruises on his back and his companions accompanied him to the beach.

So in the company of a few groups, I made every second count by capturing every fascinating scene and I got obsessed with photographing the perfect waves.

More than the photographs I captured, it was also a time for me to enjoy the tranquil afternoon. Finding solitude in the midst of the cacophony of waves crashing onto the shore and occasional shouting of children playing on the beach was not hard to come by.

UEP Catarman White Beach

After I have done my shoot, I took refuge in one of the unoccupied cottages, and for 30 minutes I was lulled to sleep by the roaring sound of the waves as they approach the breakwater and the humming of the wind. Had it not for the difficulty of getting a ride back to the town, I would have lingered more. I may not have the chance of soaking myself in the seawater, but the quiet, me-time spent that afternoon was all worth it.

UEP Catarman White Beach

UEP Catarman White Beach

UEP Catarman White Beach

More photos, after the JUMP!

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EDMARATION #TownExplorer said...

Camera-friendly beach! Very worth the visit!

Ding Fuellos said...

That is true, Edmar! Thanks!

Traveling Morion said...

interesting yung beach sir Ding- Ganda ng alon(special mention dun sa may group of migratory birds shot) kaya lang mukhang matalim yung batO?. Luv the emotions dun sa last two shots- ganda!

Ding Fuellos said...

Yes Jeffrey, matalim nga ang bato. salamats!

Joshua said...

I was also able to visit that beach when I got back from Biri Island. I like how secluded it was and just the locals were there when I went. Nice photos as well!

Ding Fuellos said...

Thanks Joshua. I like the quiet ambiance of the place.

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