SNAPSHOT | Dagdagan: Igorot foot massage

Igorot Foot Spa

In 2007, I attended the Launch of the First National Weaving Congress in Mt. Data Hotel, Bauko, Mountain Province. We were treated to a cultural presentation. One of the highlights of the presentation is the Igorot foot spa, where some participants obliged.

The foot massage, according to Manong who gave me one after the conference, is a pastime of elderly men. After a hard day’s work, their sons would be obliged to give them the foot massage in their huts. The “technology” uses coconut oil and two sticks of bamboo (similar to chop sticks) which are rubbed alternately on their soles, until they become relaxed and eventually doze off.

Of course, I did not let this pass.  When I had mine in my room, it gave me that tingling feeling, which really soothes you with the “kiliti”, until you become more at ease and accustomed with the rubbing of sticks on your soles and in between your digits. I think the secret there is the “kiliti” factor which runs up to your spine and head until you get goose bumps (got the idea?). It feels like is synonymous to experiencing laughter,which makes you secrete some hormones that will calm you down after.

While we hanker for other Asian-type massage (e.g. Thai, Chinese reflexology), it came as a surprise, even among the other Cordillera participants, that we have this indigenous way of relaxation.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my website. yours is very helpful cus im plannin to explore the mountains on the 1st quarter, so Im your new follower. Cool website my short stay is fun, will definitely go back.

  2. I am a huge fan of foot massage ... actually all kinds of massages :D

  3. @Rome, thanks!
    @CSFT, same here!

    Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Is it called "dagdagan"? I went to a spa in Makati last year that does that, too, and they said that the practice came from the North nga raw :)

  5. Jonna, wow! Thanks for that info...

  6. Galing, meron na tayong pandagdag sa traditional hilot :)

  7. Very relaxing :) I envy you. I should try that one! :)

  8. Indeed, Lakwatsera. I think they are giving it in casa Vallejo in Baguio as one of the massages.

  9. wow.. i want one now (actually, i NEED one now hehe..)

    i hope you can visit my blogs toO!

  10. Thanks, caloy. I sure will.

  11. Foot massage is great.Its very relaxing and having it included in a body massage can relax you even more

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